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The Merry Meds Of ’69

The University of Alberta is known for it’s rambunctious Medical students. Up until it was banned recently, the Med students put on an annual show of absurdy and offense known as “The Med Show”. This usually consisted of offensive drama acts, hilarious live music, and pranks. It is rumoured that one year they stole a cadaver and stood in a movie line with it only to have their friend run the cadaver over in a car and scare the sh*t out of everyone in the move line. Alas, this is just a rumour.

Nevertheless, in 1969 they decided to record the Med Show and release it on LP. For the most part it’s folk/musical-comedy, except for three songs produced by the second year med students. They claim in one of their songs to be the “real rocking doctors” and “the hippie healers” and listening to them I do not doubt it. Great 60s punk style singing over some awesome guitar work and what sounds like a stand-up base. If this wasn’t recorded worse than a G- folkways record it’d be a 6 star pokora garage punker. I can only wonder what these second year med students could have done with real equipment.

Two of the songs follow a “secret agent” named Jack staring in the role of “Emission Possible” on a quest for… uh…

Listen: Emission Possible (Pt. 1)
Listen: Emission Possible (Pt. 2)
Listen: Untitled


  • Funny, this might be the guys who remove your appendix today. “Have you heard about mixing birth control pills with LSD? You take a trip without kids.” Yeah indeed, if only you could go back in time with the taste we now have… That third track is rocking.

  • Dude I’m sorry I can’t listen to this or I might get flashbacks to my hazing ritual.

  • Woweee!

  • The music on that third track isn’t a live band, it’s a Ventures record. I can’t quite remember what the track’s named, but yep…Ventures.

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