The Night Shift – Jazz Class with Art Stone

I don’t know if the dance instruction label Statler catered to strip joints, but that would explain a thing or two about this record. Music is far from jazz. It contains 17 raunchy instrumentals by the group The Night Shift and the “free” instructional flier that comes with it must be seen as totally random (as it is the same flier for #1055 in the series). The best tracks are of the nondescript kind that you hear in sixties B-movies for instance when a character enters a strip club at broad daylight and there’s an uninspired strip routine by a 40+ exotic dancer. Those are the slow tracks, like this one: nightshift track 1. It’s played as if these guys were on duty. Some other tracks try to have a psych feel to it but that just doesn’t work so well outside the world of B-movies when it’s based for instance on Louis Louis chord progressions. But the upbeat go go tracks make up for that and some of those are great rudimentary, rambling affairs, like these tracks: nightshift track 2 and nightshift track 3. You must respect the fact that due to Statler the guys of the Night Shift could have their music published.



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