The Panbers – Volume 1

Here’s an Indonesian psychedelic record with lots of fuzz grooves, some sound effects, borderline psychotic vocals and a totally whacked out use of the English language. The band consists of drums, bass, guitar, organ and vocals and it is one of those records that make you realize how endless the sound possibilities are for a classic rock line up. I especially like the heavy use of the fuzz guitar that doubles the bass (check out “Together We Dance“), that reduces the impact of the guitar to almost nothing and can probably only be fully appreciated by dogs.

Judging from the lyrics, the guys who formed the Panbers were not fully aware of the dark vibes that radiate from their record, since the lyrics are pretty upbeat and optimistic. They were clearly on a very good trip. One track opens with the Frankensteinesque shout: “Disco music good!” while a very nice bass and Hammond groove sets in. This record can’t be older than 1976 so The Panbers were pretty early to recognize disco music, although there really is no trace of disco on their record at all. They were just too trippy to see any antagonism between disco and rock, which is illustrated by another song that has the great line: “every music and melody I love”, and in a particularly pretty interlude with oriental flutes and a sitar imitating guitar the singer confesses his love to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

There’s another homage on the record dedicated to their city, Jakarta. “Jakarta City Sounds” is probably the best track on the record with a cool sound collage in the middle.


  • There’s a vol.2 as well just as killer. Basically it is freakbeat eight years too late and half way around the world!

  • A “disco” in indonesia is simply a dance club. This was even prior to the popularity of disco music.

    I picked up this LP in a street stall in jakarta.

    Not too crazy about the vocals, but they have thier merits.

    Panbers went on to create several other albums that had improved musicianship, but alas, slicker and boring.


  • The track “Ha’ai” (?) that you quote is incredible, my favorite on the LP… “I like Beatles songs, I like Rolling Stones, I like Led Zepplin, every musical melody I love” followe by monstrous bass runs and an Indonesian guy trying to scream like Robert Plant. Whew! Thanks for sharing this.

  • Yeah, I’ve seen they went on. I’ve even seen pictures on which they look rather straight. There are karaoke versions of their songs available. Good for them. These early records remain absolutely killer.

    My recording of “ha’ai” is corrupted so I’ll have to check back.

  • the vocals might just be one of the best thing about these albums. Panbers is it. i really need their 1st album in decent shape. nice trade or cash offer if someone can help out. been looking for a long time.

  • There are also a couple of Indonesian Band that you guys should check it out. They are AKA “Do What You Like” and ROLLIES “Let’s Start Again” Each album have at least 3 killer english tracks.

  • I just picked up volume 1 and sound 2 (on the cover of this one the previous owner wrote 20 august 1972) , so I guess the albums were released during the early seventies.I’m curious to listen to their sound.

  • Setiap menyanyikan lagu “ayah”…
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  • “Just visit our website for the detail.”

    the official website of Panbers band

    Salam perdamaian


  • Mencari lagu panbers Vol 1 dan vol-2

  • Saya sedang mencari lagu-lagu Panbers Volume 1 dan 2. Mohon bantuan, sebab lagu-lagu tersebut sangat berkesan bagi saya.

  • singer sounds like i-roy or some other jamaican dancehall dj. intriguing stuff

  • adagak list lagu panbers VOL.1 ??