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Toby and Barb – Father Knows Best

OK folks. I admit it. I am a full fledged record hoarder. I am a good year into full on gluttony. Like daily thrift store visits, hours and hours in stores/dollar bins, weekends of garage/estate sales, ebay, craigslist, you name it. It is not easy with a wife and friends and neighbors. It is embarrassing having stacks and stacks and boxes and boxes of records cluttering a one bedroom apartment. My space planning skills have allowed me to conceal it a bit longer than some of my sloppier cohorts, but I am quickly approaching the saturation point. I blame Toby and Barb.

This thrift store purchase was intended to set a threshold for me: a new low. I’d been having lots of good luck taking chances on innocuous looking private press records, particularly with Christian records still bountiful around Southern California. It is easy to spot records with The Archivist look, but there are far more Xian records that both look and sound like MOR Christian Pop Lite / White Gospel…not typically appealing to these ears. Toby and Barb has THAT look, and so I left it behind on several visits over several months. I’m not sure what it was on that fateful day, I must have been feeling more daring than usual, but I bought it on my lunch break.

As expected, most of the album is pretty tepid CCM, but ever since I dropped the needle on the following track I have been unable to keep myself from buying, well, pretty much everything! Toby and Barb shred it for Jesus:

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  • Your family will be included in my prayers.

  • this really gets me pumped up. thank you jesus. thank you toby and barb. and thank you cracker. have a blessed day, have a rockin day.


  • dj willderness

    I see why this record is a problem for you, after finding some Silver Apples type music on a record like that, who knows what is out there??

  • four day weekend


  • Damn, that was heavy. That slap bass at the end caught me off guard. Accident happen that way. Dangerous stuff!

  • good lord. that is an amazing song. the breakdown in the middle sounds like lee perry meets moroderesque space disco.

  • please……………….. as good will toward your fellow man………..some of your visitors to this website can not mentally cope with a track like this…………………………………………………….. it is a willy wonka- iron butterfly- disco coke -freak out…………. done by the elders who created the osmond family…please no more i cant handle it really please……………..

  • dj jesus superstar

  • more of it dj jesus i’ll pay your next lunch break

  • the bricabrac man

    This is really pretty stunning.

  • How can I download this?

  • Best record ever.

  • Jesus – I can’t stop dancing!

    Jesus – I can’t stop dancing!

  • Monte Cooley (NOT Colley ;)

    OK, the guy who produced Toby & Barb’s stuff called me today and said I needed to check out your website for “Brightest Star” – I played the lead guitar on that song :)

    LOL, allllllllll these years later… oh, there are stories…

    I’m glad you found it, and I’m loving reading the comments!

    BTW, the producer just told me to “play like I was a comet screaming through space!”

    – Monte

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