Tom Carlile & The Craftsmen: Original Sounds

Tom Carlile would later see some success as a country artist, but this early LP is previously undocumented. Dating from circa 1968, it’s a vanity pressing with a certain amount of money poured into it, as indicated by the prestigious studios where it was recorded. I guess they didn’t have any dough left for a proper artist to design the front cover, which is as strikingly crude as anything I’ve seen from the era. The music is an odd mix of Tom Jones blue-eyed soul croon, lounge drama, gospel, and 60s pop. The opening “I Believe In Miracles” collects all these elements into one highly energetic piece of music. About half the album (originals all through) is of no special merit, but the moody “Just The Same” is a rather appealing flirt with British beat. Side 2 opens with “I Saw The Light”, an infectious gospel-pop number with enough hit potential to get picked up by CBS — there’s even a British release of it. Tom Carlile and his merry men save the most interesting track for the last, and “The Man With No Name” is probably the main reason to check this LP out. An unexpected, early tribute to the anti-hero of Sergio Leone’s spaghetti westerns, this tune even utilizes sampled Morricone coyote howls while the appropriate western drama unfolds. The back cover is vague on details, but indicates a South Florida origin.


  • Yes, it’s a Miami artist’s record. Seems our tracklisting is the same but mine has a picture of dude in a blue velvet suit on the cover and variety of bonerific poses on the back.


  • This album was recorded in Miami, Florida and was written by Tom Carlile in 1968. They were appearring at Newport Hotel in Miami Beach at the time. There were four members in the band Tom Carlile, Ray Carlile, Don Parmalee and Jerry Parmalee. The album was never released it was only sold in the nightclubs. The cover was reproduced and featured Tom Carlile in the blue suit. The original cover is very rare as it was discontinued. In 1981 Tom recorded as a solo artist his originals in Nashville and had 9 chart records including Green Eyes, Back in Debbies Arms, Hurtin for your love and Catch me if you Can. All four were top forty records. From 1981-1983. Tom is still performing to this day!

  • By the way, if you were wondering if this is. How do I know this? Tom is my Dad.

  • Kim, thanks for this interesting background info! I wrote the review above. At this point, only 2 copies of this LP with the original cover are known to exist, but I’m sure many more linger with ex-band members and senior Florida music-lovers.

    This is a long shot, especially 40 years later, but could you possibly check with Tom if he remembers how many copies were pressed of the “Original Sounds” LP in its earliest version?

  • Thanks for the inquiry, here goes: The original album was the cover that you have featured and they pressed 500 of those then a new cover was made and another 500 was produced. As far as my Dad remembers. Many were sold in the clubs they performed in and he has copies himself.

  • Unbelievable. I was sorting some stuff in my collection and found a copy of this with the red letters on the gold background. So make that three copies Patrick, lol. Maybe i’m the only person with both versions now?

  • Kim,

    I’m guessing that Jeff Vanderlinden wasn’t with him in 1968. He was a big part of the band in their early years.

  • I have oneI found in my record store yesterday! (as picture w/ red letters)

  • I worked with Tom for almost four years in the mid 70’s. We did 5 sets/shows a night in B-clubs all over the US. What a blast. This is a big shout-out to Marlene, DJ, Dave Sailor, Tom, and any others who drove all over the country just so we could sing and play. I’ll never forget . . . . my name then was Cheryl Tipton.

  • Jeff Vanderlinden also played with the Vanguards then with Wayne Cochran & the CC Riders before playing with the Craftsmen.
    His mom was a wonderful tailor, she actually made us a beautiful band uniform (apricot colored jackets) I still have some pictures taken in that outfit, five members I think.

  • Bought a copy today from the back of a truck in Ft lauderdale. With the original cover and signed by 5 Tom Ray Don Jerry and Jim Craig.Never heard of them and bought it for the jacket. Just finished listening to it “Incredible”

  • I think the Tom Carlile & The Craftsmen revival has begun in earnest!

  • It’s just begun. Check out ebay.
    Tom Carlile & Craftsmen Weird/Exotica Pvt 1st Press 500.Item number: 370308581298

  • Dear Tom,
    we are planning our 50th reunion in 2011 from
    Miami Norland….
    Would Love to give your information….
    The greatest reunion was our 20th with your band
    Hope all is well with you and would love to catch-up! Charlene Clark

  • Stumbled across this site yesterday. Was so proud to learn that an old friend has done well. I was one of the members of the first band Tom was in, “Ray and the Quarternotes” back in the late 50’s. Really enjoyed reading the interesting comments. And am not surprised that your Dad is still singing. He always did have a beautiful and strong voice even when he was a teen-ager.

  • Is he stil performing any where??????? I worked with him at the Dallas Bull North in Tampa. My name was Paula Lovelace then. I would love to see him perform again.

  • My husband and I used to go see him at “Montes” in Winter Park back in the early 70’s. And , much to my surprise, we just saw him perform at the VFW in Inverness, FL on July 31st, this year.

    He sat with us and told us of a new venture with his family. I enjoyed talking with him and reminiscing. I wish him lots of luck with “American Way Show”!!

  • You can see footage of the new American Way Show at to see what Tom is up to now!!!

  • Thought I would give some dates if you want to come out and see Tom play:

    October 14th- Clearwater at Top of the World at 7:00 PM

    October 22nd- Plant City Red Rose Inn (Old Holiday Inn on 1-4)
    7:00 PM

    Also if anyone can give info on the upcoming 50th Norland Reunion or a contact number please let me know…

  • I have looked and looked for Tom but I didn’t have the last name spelled right. I go back to the Cat and The Fiddle in Miami more yrs. ago than I care to remember. The last time I saw Tom he was playing with Addie at Vic’s Embers. Oh what wonderful memories at Sheiks. I loved the “Swamp Cabbage Annie” Thanks for the memories………… Let me know where you are playing. I will drive any where to see you. Thanks, Rose

  • I very much enjoyed seeing Tom and the Craftsmen play in the Seven Seas Lounge at the Newpot Hotel on Miami Beach back in the late sixties. Took a karate class with Tom once and palled around with Don and Jerry Parmelee. Tom’s brother also played drums with the group at that time. Their night club act filled the lounge night after night. Great sounds and great memories.

  • would like to contact tom my fraternity brother from 1964 at miami dade or his daughter kim

  • Howie, we were fraternity brothers at MCDC in 64, would love to hear from some of the guys.
    Tom and I were pretty close, but I haven’t been able to get in touch with him.

    Kim, please let him get in touch with me. I was at his and your Mons wedding.

  • Howie ,rray,
    Just realized I had it wrong, it was DCJC then and good old SLP. Neil Koenig,Buff Murray, bill Keegan, Bill DeMattia, Charlie Smith, and the whole gang.

  • In 1972 I was dating a member of his band, Rex White. Tom was performing at Monte’s in Winter Park, Fl. He is a great singer and great fun was had watching him perform and hanging out with the band.

  • Went to same high school. Saw in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Brandon. Tom had great voice.

  • Hey Kim, my name is rich and this album has had me and several others turning heads.. u say the albums m cover posted above is rare and original. I have run across one of the remakes where it pictured your dad in the blue suit.. I don’t have a problem finding the one up top it’s the one in the suit I have trouble finding. No where on the internet and I can’t find a value. Can u help. Thanks

  • Hi Cheryl:

    Great to see your name.

    Art Brown

  • Gosh, I can’t believe that I’ve actually discovered Tom Carlisle after all these years. I first saw Tom Carlisle and The Craftsmen at The Hawaiian Village in Tampa, FL., then later at Sheik’s in Orlando, FL. I have an autographed picture of Tom from 1972 when he was at Sheik’s. Would love to see him again…..will keep up with his schedule for sure.

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