Truth of Truths – A Contemporary Rock Opera

Yeah, there were a bunch of these “rock opera” records back in the early 70s, but how many can you name with Jim Backus playing the part of God? That’s right, as if Thurston Howell III and Mister Magoo weren’t enough, he also has “Creator of the Universe” to add to his impressive acting resume. The music ranges from your average xian folk to somewhat okay pop & soul (with consistently cheesy vocals). Hal Blaine is listed in the musical credits, (I really enjoy his Psychedelic Percussion album), so I figured I might as well give this one a try. There certainly is some potential on here music-wise, but the singing just gets on my nerves too easily.

Truth of Truths – The Trial



  • The crucifiction done got funky, y’all!

  • The widow of Ron Huff is thinking about a re-release. If you’re not a thumper, like I am, you can’t appreciate the thought of trying to jam the whole sweep of the Bible into one rock opera. It certainly is a survey of Late 60’s POP/ROCK styles.

  • Besides the London Philharmonic Version of the Rock Opera “Tommy”, in my opinion, this is the best Rock Opera composed to date. The chorus portions are outstanding.

    I have been looking for a CD and LP of the same.

  • I have the record set. Does anyone know of a CD set for T of T?

  • I have this LP – I’d like to get it on CD.

  • I love the song with the lyrics.. “bringing grace and glory, he will come, he will come, as written in His story, he will come, he will come”… I am not a christian, but I love that song

  • I have the LP (stored at my in-laws house at the moment) that I got from my grandmother back when I was a freshman in high school. It would be great to have on CD.

  • I’ve been waiting for a re-release of this wonderful work for decades. Please consider doing it soon. Thanks and God Bless

  • Yes looking for release on CD , I was in a local production of Truth of Truths in Florida . This brings back a lot from the early 70’s for me. If Memory is correct there were two local church productions approved . One in Florida and one in the mid west.

  • My mother had this album in the 70’s and my sister and I memorized every song. I haven’t seen or heard the album for over 30 years.. would love to get it on cd.

  • The High School chorus I was in in Batavia, New York in 1975 performed “Truth of Truths”. I still have the music books, program and some slides from that concert. We did three nights in March and I sang the final song, “Prophecies of the Coming of the End of the World” We were only scheduled to perform it fot two nights, but our director decided on a third night because of the overwhelming reviews we received. I don’t believe that any public school today could perform this because of the Christian message that it gives. It is a great message and I enjoyed it immensely.

  • My brother, John, and I were among the artists that participated in this project. We sang “Joseph”, “Tower of Babel”, and “Hosanna” on the album and have fond memories of the recording and promotion process. Because the various songs were echoes of absolute Truth, many have benefited from the time and effort it took to produce the album. Don’t forget that He’s still “coming in the name of the Lord”.


  • Did the Truth of Truth’s come out on CD? I had the double albums when I was young and loved the music to it. And my brother wanted it as well. So if anyone knows if it came out on CD and where to buy it, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks.

  • John and Michael Mancha, you said that you were participants in singing Joseph, Tower of Bable, and Hosanna. As I remember it the Truth of Truth’s was recorded before Jesus Christ Superstar came out. And was released about the same time Jesus Christ Superstar came out. Correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks for both of you singing in it.

  • If any of you that have the album of this musical would be willing to copy it to cassette for me I would be highly appreciative. I have a copy of it on eight track but the roller on the eight track is rubber and will melt if the tape is played. Contact me at if you would be willing to make me a copy. Thank you.

  • Hi there!

    My name is Don J. Long and my partner Sharon Ruffin is the widow of famous record producer Ray Ruff, who produced this album with nearly 300 performers, musicians, artists and technicians back in 1971 as a road show rock opera. Its premiere was on Easter Sunday morning in April 1971 at the Greek Theater in the Hollywood Hills near Los Angeles. There were over 3,000 people who attended this event, including me – I was there! It was an awesome stage production, and went on the road to about half a dozen cities across America that year.
    I met Ray Ruff in the year 2000, and we hit it off as good buddies in the music biz, until his untimely passing in September 2005.

    We own the copyrights on this album, and have already had a professional studio painstakingly digitally remaster the entire 26 tracks of the double-LP album with Pro Tools and special equipment. We are planning on releasing it on a special collector’s edition double-CD with the Old Testament on one disc and the New Testsment on the other, just like the original LP records.
    It will have the original cover art and the 12-page libretto lyrics booklet, reduced down to 5″x5″ size, but is still completely legible.
    We will include a special tribute page in it for Ray Ruff (1938-2005) and credits for the new digital CD version. It will feature the same green Oak Records label as a tribute to Ray, even though his record company, in business for over 30 years, is now defunct.
    We are in the process of incorporating our new music and media promotion and production business here in Hollywood, titled ARTISTS ANGELS ASSOCIATES, and this will be on our release schedule later this year – at last.
    The CD reissue is a special project that Ray was working on himself for about a year prior to his passing, and we have picked up the ball and have continued working on it. TOT has been a labor of love for all of us involved in it, both then and now. We want to honor God and the memory of the legendary Ray Ruff with this special release.
    We will be putting up a new website for it, and will be selling it online, and through other websites and retail outlets.
    Keep watching for it, and we will post something on this website when we have a news press release for it!

    All our best,
    Don J. Long
    Sharon Ruffin
    Hollywood, California USA

  • anyone that has any idea onwhere to buy Truth of Truths-let me know.

  • Please let me know where I can get a copy of this album. I used to have it but I don’t know what happened to it It would mean an awful lot to me.
    Rita D Jacob

  • I first got ToT along with my first 8-track player as a Christmas gift and immediately loved it. The producers were smart enough to include biblical footnotes at the end of each song in the libreto to avoid the controversies surrounding Superstar. I long since bought the album version and eventually transferred it to cassette but only after warpage in the record made some songs skip or sound odd. I will be anxiously awaiting the CD release.

  • Please let me know if and when this work will be available. I have long ago lost my album but can still remember the voice of Jim Backus speaking as God. It was a pivotal musical work of my college years. I hope and pray it becomes available again.

  • I have ToT on LP, and would love to get it on CD, please let me know when it is released!

    1971 – I was a relatively new Christian and 17 years old. My copy is worn out from years of use.

  • I am so excited that a cd is being made. My sisters (all 6 of us) used to sing with the album while doing our chores. We have been searching for the album, because both of our albums were too scratched up by the time we left home. Please let me know when it is available. My sisters will be getting a really cool christmas present this year I hope.

  • My name is Pat Liston. I sang Three songs on this LP. Prophecies Of The Coming Messiah, David To Bathsheba, and Prophecies of The End of The World……. it was my first real studio experience. I can only be so very grateful that it was with a man like Ray Ruff. He was arguably my biggest influence in everything I did musically after this. He was also one of the nicest people I’d ever met. I connected with him again before his untimely death. I sent him some pictures I had of the session. I was not a Christian at the time of Truth of Truths but can’t help but feel that it planted seeds in my soul that later brought me to a conversion. Good luck to Don and Sharon with the project……… Don, I think I even have a picture of you conducting the choir??…….. Long red hair and glasses? :-)

    God Bless you all….. and thank you.

  • Careful! The entry by Kenneth Johns on March 8th, 2009 @ 8:37 pm has an email address that appears to be for the purpose of gathering responses to put on a spam list. The poster has no interest in this record, just your email address.

  • Hi.
    My name is Roger. I stumbled across a SPLENDID
    copy of THE TRUTH OF TRUTHS on vinyl (Its only form, as far as I can tell..) in the Vancouver, B.C. bedroom community of Abbotsford the other day. As soon as I saw the name of JIM BACKUS in the credits, I KNEW I’D FOUND SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL!!!…All four sides of the vinyl are SUPERB!!! They look & play GREAT!!! The 17-page program book is near-mint, & the gatefold jacket (With the 23rd PSALM, my favorite! in the centre is also excellent, with a very small, one-eighth inch or less hole drilled, bottom right corner, front…) I am seriuosly considering having a friend of mine offer it for open-ended auction on eBay in the near future; If any of you folx out there are interested, feel free to email me at OR: Call me at (604) 340 8756 & leave a message with your contact info ANTYTIME!!!…GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!…Roger…

  • Hi…Roger again…Just making sure my previous message abou the “TRUTH OF TRUTHS” got posted…THANX, & GOD BLESS ALL YOU & YOURS!!!…

  • In 1973 and 1974, I was a member of a church youth choir (high school aged kids) that performed this rock opera at many places around central Florida. All involved were volunteers (except for some orchestra members we had to hire) so all the proceeds went to charity. I didn’t sing well enough for a solo part, but sang in the choir. I had the album until my house was flooded by hurricane IKE last year. I had digitized the album several years before that, so I have the music on a CD I burned for myself. But, having used a relatively cheap turntable means that the quality is not all that great. I too would be interested in finding a studio quality CD. –Pete

  • please notify me when the CD is out. i would love to get one i have the tape but if it brakes i would be devastated .i would love to get one for my sisters also.please let me know where i can bye one thank you.

  • I am so happy to see that T of T is alive and well. I would love to see it performed as well as to purchase a CD. I have the record set and had a friend burn to CD so I listen to it now, but I would love to purchase a professional copy. God is alive and real in this production. There is nothing like it. Please add me to the email list of folks that want to be notified when it is re-released. Thanks.

  • While intending to reframe a print, to my surprise when I opened it a copy of the lyric book to Truth of Truths fell out. So investagate ,I had to. I found Pat Liston and Ray Ruff and all. I was never a fan of opera but this is very interesting. I will purchase the CD when available!

  • Has anyone heard if the cd will be released by Christmas. I wanted to give them as presents. If anyone has new information please let us know.

  • Hey, Michael Mancha – if you get back to reading this: I’ve been trying to get in touch with you & Joyce, John, and others from our old Charity Inn days! If you see this, link up with me on Facebook: Hope to hear from you soon – Melanie Waltmire Forester

  • Does anyone have any current info with regard to the re-release of Truth of Truths? Also, Pat, I saw your entry and I agree that Ray was a joy to work with, very encouraging and knew how to draw the best out of his people. “David to Bathsheba” was my personal favorite. Quite a heart-rendering lament,…”though I believe in the Lord as good and kind, who will ease the pain of the child, is my sorrow, I’ll know all my days”.

  • Truth Of Truths was one of the first Contemporary Christian music albums I ever heard. I had it but lost track of my copy after many moves, over many years. Would someone please let me know if it has been re-issued on CD. I’d love to have it again! Thanks!

  • I have a copy of “Prophecies Of The Coming Of The End Of The World” from ToT found on “Mystery Revealed” a vinyl put to CDR in the 90’s. I finally found the whole album and am giving it a listen.

    Another one is “the Witness” about Peter with Bary McGuire. I love stuff like this!

  • I’ve dreamed for years of finding this on CD. I found it in my local public library in the 1970s and taped it onto cassette. Miraculously (!), the cassettes still play pretty well. I thought (and think) that the music is extremely good, and Jim Backus made an amazingly good God. Now that’s range as an actor!

    The song of the crucifixion is perhaps my favorite song, and my sister loved the song which begins “Now you’ve heard the gospel story…”.


  • This album has not been released on CD as of yet. I have factory sealed copies on vinyl listed on Amazon for anyone interested. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Greetings,
    We are planning to release TRUTH OF TRUTHS in a double-CD reissue collectors’ format this summer, all 26 tracks digitally remastered in full Stereo.
    We are now in process of finding a nationwide distributor which will of course justify the cost and the expense of reissuing it.
    We are, of course, very excited about this!
    We will put up a new website for it, and make it available online for sale on the website, and we are also looking into having it licensed for legal mp3 downloads from major Napster and itunes sites for those with ipads and iphones.
    We will be back on here when we have a press release ready for the CCM market.
    Thanks for hanging in there for us! Make sure you get one of the first all-numbered 10,000 copies!
    Don J. Long
    Sharon Ruffin
    Hollywood, California USA

  • This message is for Don Long & Sharon Ruffin. Ray Ruffin was my cousin. It’s been too many years since we’d heard from him and had no idea he’d passed. If you have any photos of Ray, I know my family would enjoy very much seeing them.
    Like to also know what happened to him.
    We all loved him.
    Email me anytime at

  • It’s nice to read these comments. I wrote and sang, “He Will Come Again” from TOT. It was the first single released and got to about 30 on the pop charts. Ray and I were very good friends for many years. He produce and released severl of my songs. We also the did the album, “Happy Birthday USA”

  • For those of you still wanting this on LP, I still have copies left on Amazon at a modest price of $19.95 which is a great price for a 1971 vintage double LP that comes with the full size 20 page libretto. There’s nothing like the sound of a fresh unplayed vinly record! For those of you who contributed to this great album I give my thanks for a job well done!

  • I would also be interested in a CD of ToT as I have a worn copy of 1 LP and I just in the last year found a second copy of the LP in mint condition.please put me on the E-mail list to be notified of the CD E-mail follows.Thank You,Steve Valido.


  • I am totally pumped to hear you are putting T of T out on CD. If at all possible, can you email me as soon as you know how to get on the list for a set. It was filled with super music, honored God and, what a project, the entire Bible in one production. Well done and thanks for making it available again. I hope it finds a whole new generation of fans.

  • “Can you handle the Truth?” “Truth of Truths” was a project of Ray Ruff, famous legendary music industry record producer. Ray produced and co-wrote this Biblical Rock Opera. Copywrited by Senor George Music and Oak Records in 1971. It was considered a very ambitious effort, taking over four years to make, and requiring the talents of nearly 300 persons. “TRUTH OF TRUTHS premiered at the Easter Sunday Sunrise Service at the Greek Theater in Hollywood in April 1971. The soundtrack album was released as a 2-LP set with 26 tracks on it, and featured the voice of actor Jim Backus as God.”
    Too bad it never came out on CD. One of my favorites is “Resurrection” by Val Stoecklein and Ernie Freeman. It is a historical recount of major biblical events. It is a Rock Opera form in the lines of Handel’s Messiah. Can you handle the Truth? Many reject biblical information and doctrine. Is it fear of their responsibility for their life before GOD? (So sad.) This album would not be for you.
    This musical recounts GOD and creation. The life of Abram and his significance to GOD’s plan. Abram and his family line were to be witnesses to the whole world that GOD actually does love and have a wonderful plan for their lives if they would only humble themselves. Israel was to be a light to the world of GOD’s greatness and concern for all life. This musical continues with the prophecy and the birth of Messiah. “For unto us a child was born!” The musical continues with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. For a rock musical based on the events of Messiah this musical has good adherence to scriptures. Ray Ruff, Ernie Freeman, Alan Henderson, Val Stoecklein, Dick Hieronymus, Don Great, Kay & Helen Lewis and many others contributed to produce this mighty fine rock opera.

  • I have two complete copies of this album. I have been working on converting to MP3s Even though one of my album is completely untouched I am having a time making clear copies of each tract. I can not share these as they have a copy right. I hope Don J. Long will be able to produce a CD of this wonderful rock opera.

  • I just relistened to the NT portion in honor of passion week. I love this music. I touches me in ways that today’s music doesn’t. Has it been released on CD? I downloaded two songs from ITunes. But I’d love to have the complete CD.

  • I grew up in Amarillo and hung out in Ray Ruff’s studio. I was actually given the album by him but sadly it has been long gone for years. I wish I could obtain a copy again.

  • Has anyone heard an update on the release of the CD’s? I was in this production and would love to own it.

  • I too was wondering if anyone has heard if the CD of Truth Of Truths has been completed and released as yet. I fondly remember singing “He Will Come Again” when I was in a 40 piece Gospel choir ‘The Carpenter’s Disciples’ here in Geelong, Australia duringg the 1970s. I was then rapt to find that track and the whole rock opera on LP. I just wish I had seen it when you guys did do the performances. I would be really wonderful to ‘resurrect it’ and put in on stage, as I am sure it would be a real hit. But until then I suppose I’ll have to wait and hope that the CD will be completed sooner rather than later. Please email me upon its release on
    Many Blessings and God’s Speed and Provision
    Phil Thomson.

  • It seems that this has been in the works for a number of years. Official correspondence on this web page is from 2010. It’s now 2014. What are you waiting for? A better deal ( cha-ching) for all involved? Is this about getting the gospel message out? Well, it should the main issue and the slick packaging should hardly be a concern.

  • just found this fund-raising effort posted on July 25, 2014 by Don Long and Sharon Ruffin:

    It says the holdup in releasing the Truth of Truths CDs is a lack of funds and they’re trying to find investors and/or donors to help them finish the production and get it released.

  • Has there been any additional information sine your oct 2014 note? I had no idea that there was this much interest in it. Thought I was alone all this time.

  • Listening to LP right now. Merry Christmas everyone!

  • My husband and I along with one of our church members were part of the creation of Truth of Truths. My husband was Rev Ray Harrison a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. Ray Ruff and others created the music and lyrics. My husband was the theologian making sure that the words were accurate and in line with what scripture was saying.
    We were told we would make a lot of money but then after a time after the records came out and sheet music that it was not a hit after all and the records were rotting in a warehouse in LA. I never knew it had actually been performed and was even “alive” at this point

  • Has the Truth of Truths been released in a CD format yet? I love listening to the album but would really enjoy a CD version.

  • Update: April 12, 2017
    Our sincerest apologies for not getting this out much sooner, six or seven years ago.
    Yes, TOT is still on schedule to be released – soon, very soon. Getting some legal stuff out of the way and going into production for a double-CD set all beautifully digitally remastered, with the original album cover art & libretto insert with all the lyrics.
    We are the legal copyright owners and this is a go project now. Will have the new company and Truth Of Truths Website up and running soon for placing orders via Paypal.
    I am now the company business owner.
    Don J. Long
    CEO – Manager

    P.S. If anyone has an original like-new copy of the Truth Of Truths Rock Opera Songbook, Volume 2, New Testament, published in 1971, we need that to reprint it. We have Volume 1, Old Testament. Please contact me online here and I will purchase it from you.
    We want to reprint these as a set to make them available again also along with the music.

  • Thanks Don! This is a wonderful Album.

    I have the Song book insert. It includes both O.T. and N.T. Is that what you are talking about?

    You can contact me through my Facebook account. Rich Shivers (

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