US Import – No Nukes / Nuclear Fusion

I believe blame should always be heaped upon the parents. I have 2 sons at ages 7 and 11, both precociously adolescent and surly though not yet teenage. Every time I try and sell my boys the notion that I am workin’ ant-like hard for them, amassing a dynamite wax inheritance (yesterday’s case in point: the entire recorded output of Steve Poindexter 88-92 including double copies of Computer Madness, one each) I see 4 eyes rolled to veiny-white and hear the sounds of pleas like could I just leave them alone with their homework now. It’s like 2 diligent, small zombies. But hopefully in time and with enough badgering even these 2 will come around to the notion that the following is a hot cut.

In 1983 one of the burning questions was: how to make a feelgood record about the threat of an impending Cold War nuclear holocaust. Only Frankie and this band came up with the goods. We’re referencing this cut as reggae despite the absence of a section here, but it’s so much more than just that: uptempo, ever-so-slightly post-punk and styled for the disco, drums whacked with an accurate, stiff wrist rather than and bubbling under. The A side does feel properly good, especially towards the end when the steel drummer really stretches out. But, you know that feeling one has where one just needs it to be a bit badder…well then just flip it and head for the dub. On the B-side we’re gratified to find some backwards drum flutters, explosion sounds, and more rage in the vocal interjections, all contributing to give the t’ing a much more evil vibe. You know when they talk about the ‘flying cymbals’ of the 70s, I don’t have a clue what they are on about. All cymbals are flying cymbals. And here’s some more. This time I’m supplying the soundclip but you’re better advised to check in to my mix6 at my pages where you can feel this cut beside some other nice heavy shit.

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