Robert Rutman/U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble: Bitter Suites

This is a recording of a concert by Robert Rutman and his steel cello’s recorded sometime in the late 70’s at a New York Art Gallery. If you are unfamiliar with the Steel Cello Ensemble, it’s basically a few people playing large sheets of metal which produce totally amazing, spooky, droning outer-space sounds. Very much in the same league as Bertoia’s sound sculptures. Really wanted to include a good scan of one of the cello’s but the pics on the back of this cover are tiny and horrible – however, you can go here and listen to MP3’s, and see a picture of one of these things.


  • Jeff, I absolutely love this record. Do you remember making me a disc of it? I listen to it over and over again. Thanks m8.

  • yeah, it’s really good. thought you’d like it. send me an email or something.

  • I remember hearing USSCE recordings on WMBR in Boston around 1980, having just changed call letters from WTBS. Haunting sounds that I couldn’t get enough of. Maybe now I can.

  • I played the Tamboura in a few of Bob’s gigs. I actually showed Connie Demby how to play the Tamboura (a drone/meditation). I am so wishing I could hear a recording of Central Maine Power!! I love his “Music.” email me at carriespayne@yahoo if anyone recorded us at that time.

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