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Vanguard Singers: Hymns Hot & Carols Cool

I will absolutely buy any record with a priest playing bongo drums on the cover… and while admittedly this is not always a strategy that pays off, this did turn out to be an above average church kids album with a fairly “turned on” sound. Not thoroughly amazing throughout, but there is one track in particular that really does it for me… and I’ve come to accept that this is reasonably about as much as you can ask for in a record like this. I seem to remember having found at least a couple more titles by the masterminds behind this, but they weren’t really anything to blog home about.


  • MoelarryAndJesus

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’d love to know how these “bongo priests” carried on over the years after they made these records. Were they more or less likely to stay in the Church? What are they like now? Having grown up Catholic during the 60s-70s I know there was a HUGE drop-out rate among young priests for a variety of reasons. I just don’t know if bongo exposure and so forth was much of a factor.

    Anyone know of any follow-up interviews with these guys way down the road?

  • Haha! BONGO PRIESTS: Where Are They Now? Yeah, I’d definitely watch a 60 Minutes about this.

  • “but they weren’t really anything to blog home about”

    Ha Ha!

    I like this tune. It’s got mad moody loopz and for some reason reminds me of some European library stuff.

    Personally, I think if you can score one or two tracks of this quality off an album like this, especially if you only paid a few bucks, you can count yourself a winner in “tha game”!

  • chicken-n-waffles

    i just picked this up at the local salvo this past weekend!

  • this cut was infinitely radder than i expected it to be

  • How cool, hip, real, etc. ! Thank you hcrink for this! I just found a copy on ebay and bought it. My choir and church will be very surprised (I hope happily!) when I present your “one track in particular” as one of our tunes to perform.

    This whole site is incredible…

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