Various Artists – Bass Modulations

This one comes from Italy on the obscure Octopus library label. No date is listed on the back cover but a safe guess would be early 70’s. The music on here is mainly jazz, but there are a few tracks which venture into the ‘psych’ territory. Most of the songs are composed by R. Conrado and P. Montanari, two names which yielded little to no results in a quick google search. The search did provide me with a link to a compilation of songs from this label called, “Scoctopus” that I was previously unaware of.

Anyway, about the record: “Properly” sounds like it could’ve belonged on the “Jungle Obsession” library by Nardini & Roger Roger; uptempo with plenty of open percussion and fuzz guitar. “Quit Hold” is sort of a fusion of latin and kraut rock, if that makes any sense. “Nibble Out” really isn’t as great as the title suggests, but it reminds me of something that would play in a 70s b-movie about a mustached-man in polyester who cruises around at night looking for chicks.

P. Montanari – Properly
R. Conrado – Quit Hold
P. Montanari – Nibble Out


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  • I’ve got “Scoctopus” compilation you mentioned and I can confirm the following tracks from “Bass modulation” library are comped:
    Way on
    plus some tracks again by Montanari and Conrado from “Climax” library Octopus Cat. n°OTP 290:
    Save up
    Frog in love
    Paolo Scotti conceived and compiled this anthology on Schema records.

  • The online Composer database for France’s SACEM confirms that “Nibble Out” was composed by Piero Romano Montanari. There’s no listing for “Properly,” though.
    R. Conrado is Roberto Conrado, but “Quit Hold” isn’t listed either.
    Unfortunately, SIAE, the Italian music publisher, has no similar online dbase.

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