Victor Lundberg – An Open Letter

10 pieces of old fogey Victor’s mind, seems he is not up on the changes in these modern times. “On Censorship”, “To The Flower Power”, “Dear Parents”, “To The Destroyers”, etc. 2 tracks were issued on 7″ by Liberty listen to “My Buddy Carl” + “An Open Letter To My Teenage Son”


  • I once saved a gathering that had degenerated into a political argument by saying, “Well, here’s a statement we all can agree with” and put on “An Open Letter to My Teenage Son.” As jaws dropped, so did the political wrangling.

    Truly one of the greatest recordings of all time.

    Bruce K

  • In “these modern times”?

    You are aware, aren’t you, that this LP came out in the sixties?

    How do I know?

    I purchsed it back then..and still own it till this day.

    What Lundberg had to say was true then..and its true now.

    Time doesn’t change the truth.

  • My Buddy Carl was seared into my memory as a child. My older siblings had and it and played it over and over again. I suppose it actually came to impact my view of the world.

  • Eat this Father Barrigan! “Open Letter” is from 1967. Cousin Brucie (WABC?) used to play it. 60’s Radio had it all, even a large percent of the commercials were entertaining.

  • Great music..fantastic lyrics! Found victor on DAZ too –>

  • Could we hear some of the other tracks?

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