Walt Rockman – Pollution

I now have a new pick for favorite library record cover ever. It’ll probably change in a few months but wow is this great. “Pollution” comes from the German SONOTON label and features some excellent electronic drone action. The record is mainly electronic, aside from two very kraut-rock / motorik percussion tracks, “Pollution Drums” and “Dramatic Rhythm”. It very well could be Niagara frontman Klaus Weiss playing on these two, as he’s recorded a few library records on this label as well (just a guess though — don’t quote me on that).

Rockman released some other electronic libraries on Sonoton in the mid to late 70s, as well as a few on the UK Conroy label. I really like the sound of this LP; there aren’t really any ‘songs’ — just great analog soundscapes that would certainly fit well in a 70’s science filmstrip. I’m interested in hearing some of Rockman’s other output on this label; namely “Underwater” (volumes 1 & 2) and “Unusual Sounds”.

Listen to a few tracks:
Polluted Drums
Dramatic Rhythm
Neutronen Tod
Atomic Waste


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