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The only info on this one is that it was released in 1978. No liner notes, no record label, just a beautiful handmade looking sleeve, the design on the cover appears to have been done with a magic marker. If I was asked what the record sounds like I’d have to say it sounds somewhat like a cross between Fahey and Eno. It has a very sparse, mellow and cosmic vibe to it. Acoustic melodies drift in and out as what sounds like a harp or a zither through a delay pedal, echo, the sounds just hang in the air. I would love to know any info about William and if he has anymore albums out there.


  • I was gonna post about this record. Oh well. I was just listnening to this tonight — its definately a creeper. Im pretty sure Ive seen Eaton listed on a few other LPs, but he never out does this one.

  • Very cool, I have sent an email to Mr. Eaton to ask him about this LP. Let’s hope he gets back to us! -Mark

  • As early as the late 1980s or indeed as late as the early 1990s…there was a quarterly publication called “The Journal Of Experimental Musical Instruments”. I remember hearing William Eaton on one of the cassettes made available by the magazine’s publishers. There were also some great pieces by the Baschet Brothers, Hans Reichel, Ivor Darreg and many others.

  • Found the related website: http://windworld.com/

    I’d recommend ordering some back issues if you’re interested in just intonation or experimental instrument making.

  • You can find the re-issue CD of this album from EM RECORDS feat. his secret story (written by himself). Also you might be interested in other catalogue incl., Iasos, Jim Fassett etc….thanks.

  • Very cool to find this album posted here. I met William Eaton in the Arizona desert by Arcosanti (Cordes Junction)in the summer of 1979. He gave me this album.

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