Wilson Brothers: Jesus Will Lead You

One of my more exciting finds as of late. Extremely raw home-made gospel lp by these four bay area brothers and their dad. While this is far from a total Shaggs style freak-out, it has an absolutely amazing and infectious energy to the whole thing that reminds me of a lot of my favorite amatuer records. Lots of quirky little touches too – like a ridiculous amount of chorus or flange on the guitar at all times. I’ll include an MP3 for ya’ll to check out, but there is something about the sound of this that doesn’t quite translate to a digital clip on a website – as is so often the case. But it should still give a better idea than my somewhat limited ability to explalin such unusual sounds. This is exactly the kind of record that keeps me wondering what else is still out there in this age of jaded collectors who think they’ve seen it all.


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