3’s- Do You See / Threez

Found this for $1 at a spot in Ohio and took a chance on it. Weird poppy psych from 1974, sounds much more like something that would’ve come out 6-8 years earlier, but at the same time I can hear a slight Hawkwind/krautrock influence also. And the horns in the middle, what’s up with that??? Check the sound clip below. I don’t really know anything else about it or the label, if you’ve got any info let me know.



  • this is a great cut. really hits a kraut vein somewhere in the middle… could have been shooting for a variety of sounds but probably found something different unintentionally…

  • This is doubley cool with the label scan. No number, eh? Um, I mean…huh?

  • This is pretty fabulous all round – let me know if you ever find another and I’ll send you $1 straight away!

  • Ace record – I’d love to get hold of a copy but looking at the label I’d say I have zero chance of finding it…

  • If anybody has a copy of this record for sale, please drop me a line.

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