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Rene Roussel – Rubriques

Ok, so I realize this is sort of going against the grain of most reviews on here, but I couldn’t resist posting a (dare I say) PROTO Italo/house library track (yes, these actually exist). The release date on this was not included but it had to be either 1979 or 1980 (probably ’79 – after […]

Savant – Stationary Dance / Sensible Music

Released on “Palace of Lights” in 1981, Savant was a group lead by Kerry Leimer, the head of the label and someone who still releases electronic/ambient music to this day. The record contains only two tracks, both with a decidedly Eno-vibe (each in their own way). The a-side’s “Stationary Dance” reminds me of something that […]

Orlando Kimber & John Keliehor – East Meets West

Wow, an 80’s library record that doesn’t sound like it belongs in a corporate training video for IBM! Unfortunately these types are few and far between, but thankfully for fans of floating synths and electronics, this one delivers. The first side mainly consists of gamelan jams that (for the most part) do a good job […]

Oronzo De Filippi – Meccanizzazione

Small-group jazz library LP which at times could easily be mistaken for a Morricone soundtrack. Very distinct mix of harpischord, bossa rhythms, abstract electronics, and the classic Italian lounge sound on here. This record (which sounds great I might add – nice and loud mono pressing) was released on the scarce Italian library label Leo, […]

Barton Smith – Reelizations

Bedroom electronics from a relatively unknown experimental composer on Folkways circa 1980. This one is the first of a two part “Reelizations” series. While there are a few acoustic guitar-only tracks on here, the majority of the record contains a real wide selection of instruments; ranging from heavily processed synthesizers to Roland drum machines to […]

JJ Perrey & Pat Prilly – Moog Expressions

The first father-daughter electronic library record? I can get with this. I’m sure most of you who read this site are already well aware of Jean Jacques Perrey, one of the biggest names in the 60’s moog scene. Well apparently his daughter (a musician herself), would join him in the studio and relay song ideas […]

Bernard Estardy – Electro Sounds Volume 2

Bernard Estardy was one of the most prolific (and sought after) sound engineers in the French music scene during the 60’s and 70’s. After being involved on a number of sessions with Nino Ferrer, he took the initiative to build his own studio from scratch (the CBE as it’s known, built in 1967). It is […]

Patrice Sciortino – Percussion Power

Strange “exotica” library disc out of Paris, France from what sounds like the late 60’s (no date listed on the label or back cover). A “composition for 30 instruments and percussion accessories” by French composer Patrice Sciortino, and one of the finest of its kind. Sciortino does a great job of creating a distinct mood […]

Rex Holman – Here in the Land of Victory

“Victory” was the inital release on the obscure Pentagram label (a subsidiary of Jubilee). In between a busy acting scheduling, Holman recorded this interesting mix of country, blues, and eastern influenced psych-folk. His voice is heavy on the vibrato, reminding me slightly of Tim Buckley. Copper Kettles is one of my favorites from this album […]

Felice Fugazza – Megamoog

Here is another ‘space electronics’ library, quite similar to the Electronic Age LP i posted a week or two ago. Released on Orly’s “Kaleidoscope” series, these tracks probably first appeared on a small Italian label and were soon after re-licensed to this particular French library (there are a few other records in this series credited […]

Electronic Age – Modern Science, Space & Mystery

Absolute classic as far as avant garde/electronic library records are concerned. A number of Studio G regulars are on this LP, all of whom display a deep appreciation for tape delay, distortion, warbling synths, and minimal ‘space age’ electronics. If there were ever a soundtrack to everyday space station living in the 22nd century, this […]

Music for Electronic & Older Instruments

Impressive “tape music” record on the Composers Recordings Inc. label with sounds dating from the early to mid 1960’s. The first side is credited to Otto Luening and Vladimir Ussachevsky, co-founders of the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center. The b-side features Mel Powell, former director of electronic music at Yale University. The record begins with the […]

Walt Rockman – Pollution

I now have a new pick for favorite library record cover ever. It’ll probably change in a few months but wow is this great. “Pollution” comes from the German SONOTON label and features some excellent electronic drone action. The record is mainly electronic, aside from two very kraut-rock / motorik percussion tracks, “Pollution Drums” and […]

Mike Curb – Mary Jane OST

Fairly decent psych / pop soundtrack for this 1968 drugsplotation film. Going by the cover art alone you’re almost guaranteed at least a couple good listens on here. I’ve never seen the film but from what I’ve read at IMDB it sounds pretty bad (meaning I’ll have to see it soon). Anyway, onto the music. […]

Phasing Drums & Electronic Sounds

Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with a discussion on how cool the “Phasing Drums” part is. As a matter of fact, that’s the most uninteresting part of the record (gasp!). The highlights of this record therefore fall under the “electronic sounds” section, which makes up the entire A side and a quarter of the […]

Chevrolet Sings of Safe Driving and You

Chevrolet’s hilarious attempt at promoting safety for young drivers by singing about the laws of motion and centrifugal force, among many other automobile-related things. If you ever wondered what it would sound like if Belle & Sebastian were around in the 60s making music about driving, well then today is your lucky day. Sure it’s […]

Ennio Morricone – Un Uomo da Rispettare

Here’s the soundtrack of an Italian made thriller from 1972 directed by Michele Lupo (title translates to A man to Respect). The highlights on here are two jazz instrumentals which are a change of pace from the dark orchestral, semi-avant garde main theme. “L’incarico” is the first – a slow-moving track that unfortunately only lasts […]

Various Artists – Bass Modulations

This one comes from Italy on the obscure Octopus library label. No date is listed on the back cover but a safe guess would be early 70’s. The music on here is mainly jazz, but there are a few tracks which venture into the ‘psych’ territory. Most of the songs are composed by R. Conrado […]

Truth of Truths – A Contemporary Rock Opera

Yeah, there were a bunch of these “rock opera” records back in the early 70s, but how many can you name with Jim Backus playing the part of God? That’s right, as if Thurston Howell III and Mister Magoo weren’t enough, he also has “Creator of the Universe” to add to his impressive acting resume. […]

Bernard Fevre – The Strange World of Bernard Fevre

File under: late 70’s science-fiction-themed after school special background music.┬áThis is one of the last releases on the great L’Illustration Musicale label; an “all electronic” album, as the back cover states. A top late 70’s electronic library (well, to me at least) — spacy moogs, clavinet, and analog drum machines. Fevre was also half of […]

Gianni Safred – Futuribile (The Life to Come)

This was originally released on the obscure “Music Scene” Italian library label, but soon after found a home with our good friends at Folkways. Rather than trying to come up with an entertaining review of this futuristic electronic/jazz/disco record, I’ll just let the liner notes do the job. It seems the people at Music Scene […]

Romolo Grano – Musica Elettronica 1

“A new dimension in sound — electronically tested in sound labratory.” This sentence, which is seen on the front cover, the back cover, and the label of the record itself successfully emphasizes what this LP is all about. Tons of analog drones, hums, bloops, delays. You know, all that good, test-your-patience-type stuff you hear on […]

Larry Page and his Orchestra – Waltzing to Jazz

Honestly, don’t even waste your time taking the record out of the sleeve and playing it. The music is nothing special. Your standard 60s easy listening jazz cheese-fest. I’d be willing to go as far as to say it is horrendous. The cover on the other hand, is pretty great. Horace Grant wants his Rec […]

Moggi – Tra Scienza e Fantascienza

For those “in the know” you are probably aware of the fact that “Moggi” is actually Piero Umiliani. For those who are not, now you are. Anyway, I would just like to note that this is one of the creepiest library covers I have ever seen. Can anyone distinguish what that thing is? Maybe it’s […]

Frank Rocco – Audio Therapy

Spoken word LP for those looking to shed a few pounds through the use of “progressive relaxation.” It is pretty self-explanitory and I probably shouldn’t waste any time discussing it. Basically the dialogue is this: “You will relax.” “You will relax more.” “You will relax more and more.” (etc) I am willing to bet that […]