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Various Artists – Electronic Music

Outstanding set of early electronics on the ever-popular Folkways label. It’s hard to imagine the nerdish looking dudes pictured in the included booklet would be the ones producing these totally bizarre sound structures. The first song, “Dripsody,” makes you aware of the kind of experimentation the folks at the University of Toronto’s Electronic Music Studio […]

Daniel Humair – Drumo Vocalo

Percussion library recorded in France, 1970 (or so the cover says). IML (International Music Label) was a subsidiary of Montparnasse 2000, hence the slight similarity in cover design. There’s a mix of weird scat vocal stuff, tape delays, and reverse effects on here. Daniel Humair – Dingo Conversation

Cecil Leuter – Les Sons Electroniques

Consider the contents of this record the “left-overs” of the Pop Electronique session that Leuter is so famous for. There’s very little song structure to any of the tracks on here, it’s mainly just wild analog keys and effects throughout the entire thing. Audio coming soon.

Sam Spence – The Art of the Synthesizer

Volume 1 of a 2 part series here. Sam Spence was the dude known for his musical contributions to NFL Films highlights in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Going by the cover art, it seems Spence is playing a Moog 55 Synthesizer on here, and in the process of doing so he actually creates some […]

Mario Nascimbene – Major Library 6074

Not a bad library if funky jazz is your thing. Nascimbene was an Italian soundtrack dude who did his fair share of libraries as well. He does all the tracks on the b-side of this record (most of which found their way onto the first Cinemaphonic Soul compilation). Mario Nascimbene – Gramercy Park

Ennio Morricone – April Orchestra Vol. 1

If you’re reading this site you’ve probably at least heard of Ennio Morricone, without a doubt the most well-known Italian soundtrack composer. You may not be aware of the fact that he also did a few not-available-to-the-public library records during the height of his career (or maybe you are. sorry.) Poligoni sounds like Donald Duck […]

Daniela Casa – America Giovane 2

Here’s a jazz/psychedelic library from Italy on the very scarce Leo label. “America Giovane” means “young America” in Italian, so my guess is this was their take on the “scene” in the US during the early 70s. The cover art on this one is great. Faceless teens hanging out at Inspiration Point™ (perhaps?) as the […]

The Ian Langley Group – Reggae for Real (And Other Rhythms)

Emphasis on “Other Rhythms.” This is probably one of the top five in demand library LPs on the Peer International label, and for good reason. After you get past the bland “reggae” instrumentals (come on now, what library record doesn’t have at least one or two bad tracks), this record than begins to get interesting.

Cecil Leuter & Georges Teperino – TV Music 104

TV Music was a sub-division of Chappell in the late 1960s. To the best of my knowledge there are only four releases on this label (the other three I desperately need to hear). Cecil Leuter (otherwise known as Roger Roger) handles the “Electro Themes” on one side, while Georges Teperinos’ (Nino Nardini’s real name) “Electrosonics” […]