B.J. Berg – The Laughing Song b/w Nobody Cares

I’ve never been married. But I have been dumped. I don’t recall the experience being overwhelmingly hillarious. I think I just listened to some loner-folk and watched Woody Allen movies. However, this is exactly what B.J. Berg did not do. In fact, when his wife left him he recorded The Laughing Song under the name Brocade which features an outrageous amount of insincere laughing. I find this interesting for a private country 45 recorded and released in Edmonton, Alberta (no indication of date). I’ve never seen it, but I’ve heard he also has an album.

listen: The Laughing Song


  • i used to own this 45 on the MCA label …. and have been trying to find this record for years … its a classic ! I purchased it circa 1970 in Australia

  • Cool Marc. Weird that it was released on MCA. I finally saw his album in person, and it’s released on the budget Albertan label Point Records.

  • I love this song had the 45 years ago been looking for it everywhere, Where o where can I buy a copy from????
    Ifg you can help PLEASE, I’m just streaming at the moment with Quick time!!
    Can it be sent to me???
    LOVE the song Brings back Memories

  • Hey Marko,

    I think I can help you. Just send me an e-mail:

    vilevin [at] gmail [dot] com

    – Aaron Levin / Canonical

  • I have a copy of the 45 on the Apex label. Label says it was released in 1969.

  • Thanks Neil. I was very curious to know when this was released.

  • for years I’ve been trying to listen to this funny song. how can I do itas this site tells me there’s an error

  • Hi harley,

    I’ll try to find my rip of this and upload it to the waxidermy site.

  • I two would like to secure the mp3 of this song. My father-in-law has told me about this song. I need to here it for my self. Is it true that Mr.Berg still lives in Edmonton?

  • Thanks for yhe intrest in my song. I’m still playing but I live in Calgary. I will see if I can round up a copy for you .You can e-mail me at bjdodo@telus.net. Thanks again for the intrest. B.J. Berg

  • I spent many an evening at The Crossroads lounge where BJ and Ernie McCulla (spelling??) played Friday and Saturday nights. Tried to get BJ to sing that song a number of times – he always begged off – something about the song was too hard to sing – maybe he had to be better lubricated ….

  • Yes, this song is a masterpiece, in that it really makes me laugh. To me, catharsis is what makes the best art. It certainly must be a hard song to sing with such convincing theatrical energy. Great sarcasm.

  • B.J. Berg, is an amazing man. He is my boyfriends grandpa and i met him for the first time ever this weekend. June 6th weekend. He sang to me, and played his guitar, and he has the most amazing voice when he tries. I love this man, and most people would. He’s super nice. He gave me one of his cd’s with Big Al. He’s great.

  • i loved it how what a crack up,how can i contact this guy?

  • Thanks for the comments. Feel free to e=mail me Thx B J

  • I have bj’s 45 Laughing Song, I still play it when
    I need a laugh. I was there for the recording session. Ernie McCulloch was my brother-in-law. I spent many, many evenings at the Crossroads. i would like to know if anyone has any photographs of the band during those years. I don’t have any
    even though my late husband played with Ernie and BJ. Thanks. my e-mail is annmcnana@hotmail.com I now live in Nanaimo, BC.

  • I had the pleasure of working with BJ in a small trailer out in the middle nowhere (Ft Chippawan) in the middle of winter and this man showed me how to laugh and enjoy life,he showed me how to cook hashbrowns among other things and I am honered to say this man and I were good friends.I am sorry that I was so young that I let this friendship pass.BJ I hope you haven’t forgot about all the crazy things you and I did and I still have the pictures and the memories that you have given me. Feel free to E-mail me as I would love to hear from you.

  • I would like to know how to go about downloading this song? The Laughing Song by B.J. Berg

  • Hello KING of THE LAUGH.
    I Have E-Mail you.
    SWEDEN loves you.


  • I used to watch B J in Camrose with Bev Monroe and the Babysitters. Then saw him later at the crossroads. Drank a few beer once in a while. Glad you’re still around B J

  • glad your still around. thanks for remembering would like to hear from you please RSVP. thanks BJ and BJ’s most favorite grandson.

  • p.s. BJ’s most favorite grandson is Lance James Berg-Britton.

  • Isn’t the net a fantastic tool. Here I am in my 60s and wondered (casually while doing the drying-up) if that old song that I only ever heard in Oz back in the 60s was still in existence. Lo and behold, here it is. I’ll always remember the tag ‘and she took her mother too!’. Good onya, B J Berg

  • Thank you Cedric Keep a smile on your face. It works. People wonder what your up to..Im 66 now. B J Berg

  • I loved this 45 when I was a kid and I would LOVE to have an MP3 of both sides.

    I think “nobody cares” is a very under-rated song and I would love to hear it one more time :)

    All the best!

    Jeff White

  • You are only 66, BJ, golly I beat you by a couple
    of years.(well 4) I enjoyed talking to you a while ago. Took me by surprise when you called.
    Sounded like the old BJ I knew so many years ago.

    I still haven’t come up with many photo’s! Any luck on your end? Keep on laughing.

  • Well My Dad Walter E Roy play with Ernie McCulloch And B.J. at the Crossroads boy do I miss them days back in 1969 and the 70s

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