Captain Foam – No Reason / Will There Ever Be a Time

This heavy little 45 comes from the great state of Ohio, I have to assume it dates from the early ’70s based on the sound and the lyrical content of the b-side.  All I know about Captain Foam is that the guy was billed as a one man band, I guess he played live with a taped drum track?  I don’t know, but from the looks of the picture below I’d imagine it was LOUD.

“No Reason”

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“Will There Ever Be a Time”

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  • A few years back I was in contact with an OH guy who had unreleased tapes of Cpt Foam and promised to send it my way, but nothing ever happened. “No Reason” is SUPERHEAVY.

  • He had a monster drummer, and they were billed as Captain Foam and the Doctor. Don’t know how they did what they did back then without all the gizmos we have today, but the 45 dosen’t even come close to their live show!

  • Captain Foam’s previous band was called Lord Ritchie and the Mariners. Then he became Captain Foam the Doctor (the Doctor being the drummer with psychedelic painted drums, double kick and all). They were both from Canton, Ohio, and I did some gigs on bass with Ritchie back in ’68. I was very happy to find this site, however I’m sorry to see that the B-side of Captain Foam’s record is still so relevant today. Peace now, Louie

  • Im fifty-seven yo and from north east ohio.
    i used to see the captain at a place just north of navarre,oh.
    he had his drummer but i think i also saw him solo.

    he played in a small stadium seating room at one end of the large bldg while the main act played in a larger room.

    back in those choclate mesc days he was a novelty to be sure, but he was also bad, as was his drummer.

    he played like he was in a stadium full of fans, all the time.

    thanks you two, thanks.

    jon c r

  • They were a two piece, guitar and drums, the drummer’s name was Mike O’Brien I believe. They were from the Canton area and were very popular there in the late 60’s. They used to do some Cream songs, like Spoonful, etc. Great band!

  • I just found this site by typing ‘Big daddy Crimson’ into Google. I love it! This song is a face melter. Thank you so much for relaying it to me!

  • I saw him do this live at the north canton ymca in 1972, I LIVED 2 BLOCKS FROM HIM

  • Richie’s broter Mike Bertram was also a musician and was stabbed in a bar out on Mahoning road back in 1977 or so. Mike was playing guitar that night and some goofs got out of control. Mike lost. What a shame. He was missed. Friend of mine said that he saw Richie out near Denver in the 80’s or 90’s and he was still playing music.

  • I’m 62 and saw the two in the early 70’s at a place called Micky Finn’s in the flats of Cleveland before it was cool. Yes they were very loud and I have never forgoten them. This was a great flashback.

  • Rich left Ohio shortly after this time. He went LA and is still there, no longer in the music business. He spent many years playing the LA scene. Partied with the stars like John Lennon and Mick Jagger. Toured for a while with Buddy Guy.
    Hit it big with developing and inventing. He’s a good guy that cherishes his privacy.

  • I graduated from HS with the drummer and we were both supposed to report for induction into Uncle Sam’s finest. Well…Mike never showed. I used to see them play at the “Riv” in Canton and also saw them at the movie theater in North Canton on New Years Eve. (I don’t remember much of that gig)

  • Yea North Canton Park Theater New Years Eve 69- 70
    He did about a 40 minute version of Crossroads Ala Cream Style But Very much his own. I was good friends with his Lil Brother Mike , I also lived on the same street that the little jerk that SHOT him (not stabbed) him, lived on. Happened at the Eastview Tavern on Mahoning Rd. In Canton. Last Time I saw Rithhey was at Mikes Wake . ….Good Times ……..Bad Times……..

  • Richie was the best guitar player ever to come out of Canton. Lord Richie and the Mariners used to drive the crowds crazy. I know cause I never missed many shows, Even opened for him at Lake Cable and Southgate shopping center. Along with Andy Codispodi on guitar Chuck Hershberger on bass and Frank Digiaccomo on drums and later with David Ecksmith, the Mariners mowed down all the other bands in the area. They opened for the Mccoys in 66 and blew them away. Captain Foam and the Doctor were super loud but great. Mike O’brien on drums from the 18th Century band and the Angry ,had a cool drum sound. Those were the days!

  • Mike O’Brien and I, Tom Potts and Gene Smithberger were “The Angry” that opened the Riv (this was 1965 – before the Captain)and played there for over a year until we went to NY on a record contract with Reprise – wow, what a time, though we split before cutting the record (draft and all)…have stayed in touch with Mike and, in fact, we played “Goodstock” together in West Virginia in 2007 – first gig since 1966. Still playing in a group myself in the Chicago area as is Mike (in LA) – his group is called Buddha Chili and they are outstanding – check their myspace page. Hans

  • I grew up in Canton Ohio. Use to Watch them play all over Just the two of them Guitar & Drums
    Lord Ritchie and the Mariners watched them too.They use to hang out at Willow Springs in the summer
    good times

  • You got it right Willy Rose. I went to most of the same shows. Richie Bertram and Mike O’Brian as Captain Foam & the Doctor. So loud & proud. Stark County 66-73 was the place to be. Ever heard of Professor Higgins Bottled Swamp, Eric Smerch or Indian Head Nickel?

  • Yea Tom Booze /Indian Head Nickel My old friend Larry Drozda Guitar player, and some of the Gambones if my recollection is correct. And you worked at a restaurant at Myers Lake. Joe Karam borrowed your Mustang , picked up me & Lazar Tarzan , we did some acid & Joey wrecked your car at a four way stop sign on 38th si off of Cleveland. Ave. I remember Joey being so “freaked” that he had to bring your car back to you at the restaurant WRECKED!!!! R.I.P Little Joey Critter Buddy

  • Used to here him practice in his basement.His brother mike was a very good friend of mine.Good to hear his name again.Rest in peace mike.

  • Richie was biking (10-speed) down 3rd St NW in Canton in Aug of 1971 when he heard me jamming in (my dads) garage. I was using 2 fender amps and a Gibson Melody Maker guitar.
    He stopped by to “see what all the noise was about” He liked my riffs. I was 17.

  • Great website and happy to find “No Reason”. My Dad (Vince McFadden) and my uncle (Mike McFadden) played on an album with Ritchie and recorded this very song…along with a few others. It was released Bold Records and produced by Nick Boldin…recorded in Peppermint Production Studios in Youngstown, OH. Ritchie played with others as well but this one with the McFadden Brothers (sans Fran).

  • I did a Google search for Captain Foam because that was the name of the fictitious protagonist I’d created for a film project in my my middle school econ. class back in 1984. Wow, a mere 16 years shy of the 21st century. I digress; I can’t help but wonder if the Black Keys would ever have come to be if it had not been for Captain Foam? That’s not a rhetorical question by the way. If anyone can link the two together, ANYONE, that would be awesome, or at the very least, a very interesting tale.

  • Oh, and I failed to mention that I absolutely love their music. It’s a shame about mike though.

  • To Bill Silcott…Absolutley NO comparison to the Black Keys other than they were another 2 piece band. That’s where it begins and Ends. Rich was 100 times the guitarist than the Black Keys guy, he played behind Junior Wells and Buddy Guy, . You mentioned it’s a shame about Mike. What happened???

  • If anybody has a copy / copies of this record for sale, please get in touch!
    lapermanent (at) gmail (dot) com

  • What a great record and I love the comments and stories from everyone as well!

  • Does anyone know if there is a way to get a hold of Richard. Please let me know at

  • I am a free lance writer working on a story about Richard Bertram. I don’t want to intrude on his privacy, but I would love to hear from anyone who has concrete information on Mr. Bertram or stories from his performing days. I can be reached at

  • I grew up near N. Canton, Oh and attended Glenwood/Oakwood (’69 grad). I never saw Lord Richie but they were legend. My friend saw them and commented on Richie’s long hear that had to be tucked under his shirt collar to stay out of trouble at McKinley High. The preacher at my church DID see them and commented in a sermon that the vibe in the ecstatic crowd at the show was also available to us if we would just become true believers.

    I happened on this site because I was trying to remember the name of someone (Italian last name?) who had a rock hit while he was still in high school at Louisville around 1968. I remember seeing him at the Stark County fair. Anyone remember?

  • I can’t believe I stumbled on this information about Ritchie and the Mariners and I’m sure I’ve crossed paths with some others who have left comments at Southgate as well as most other venues of the late 60’s! I was friends for a short time with Ritchie’s then girlfriend Mimi and went to several gigs with her and Ritchie. Also went out a few times with Larry Drozda, and for a while was dating Tony Gambone when he was in Shephard’s Bush. Wow, the memories of those days! Left Canton in the early 70’s and had no idea whatever happened to anyone! (69 graduate of Oakwood) Fun to catch up!

  • I used to see Captain Foam and the Doctor at the North Canton YMCA in the late 60’s. Unbelievable sound from two guys. Made a real impression on me as a young musician.

  • As a younger appreciator of the loud and heavy, I just want to thank all of you (if you see this post) for sharing your stories of this band and Ritchie. I discovered this 45rpm years ago on a whim and it struck a huge chord (no pun) with me; the booming sound and groove pushing from “No Reason” blows a lot of current heavy music out of the water, that fuzzy-muddy tone is relentless.

    Hope to hear from more of you, and if anyone has any footage or other tracks, I’d love to see and hear them! Warm regards.

  • I saw Captain foam and the doctor at st. Joseph’s Church in Canton on West Tusc in the basement of the church.

  • “No Reason” has been licensed and officially comped on Brown Acid: The Fifth Trip. Viva Captain Foam!

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