Recordings which were among the first to incorporate new sounds through the use of the moogs, synthesizers, mellotron, theremin, etc.

David Pritchard: Nocturnal Earthworm Stew

I’d never heard of David Pritchard when I picked up this mid-70’s lp on Island. It just looked interesting, so I gave it a try. Super duper great record! An other-worldly concoction of electronic and acoustic sounds simmering and bubbling over. Reminds me somewhat of Cluster in that there is sort of a playful quality […]

Freddie Hubbard/Ilhan Mimaroglu: Song of Songmy

Crazy record that probably scared Freddie Hubbard fans with it’s extreme Avant Garde-ness. Yet, does not seem to be super well known among Avant Garde enthusiasts – probably because it’s credited to Hubbard and was released on Atlantic. But, this is every bit as ruthlessly experimental as anything I’ve heard on any fringe Classical label. […]

Emerson Meyers: Provocative Electronics

How this harsh electronic record sneaked into the catalog of ABC’s Classical reissue label Westminster Gold is definitely one of the great mysteries of our time. I mean, sure, they were hip to put pictures of naked chicks on the front of Bach lp’s, but that in no way could have prepared listeners for the […]

J.D. Robb: From Razorblades to Moog

Awesome electronics from the coolest mustache man in the business, J.D. Robb! It’s basically just synth bleeps and crude samples of Opera, but it makes for a thoroughly compelling listen all the way through. I like how his sound is really mellow and spooky rather than a harsh Subotnick-like freak-out that is a trial to […]

Gerry Olds Trio – here goes

No date on this one, but my assumption is that Gerry released this in the early seventies. This is a double lp, most of this record is really nice standard jazz trio stuff. They do a really dark version of Gershwin’s “summertime” that’s just begging for Rza from the Wu Tang to work wonders with. […]

Rick Powell: Choir Book

First and foremost you should know that this record does not live up to it’s awesome cover. But actually, I really have no idea what a bearded man praising the lord with a Moog should sound like, so maybe I’m being unduly harsh. Anyhow, I was hoping for better, but for some reason I still […]

Various Artists – Electronic Music

Outstanding set of early electronics on the ever-popular Folkways label. It’s hard to imagine the nerdish looking dudes pictured in the included booklet would be the ones producing these totally bizarre sound structures. The first song, “Dripsody,” makes you aware of the kind of experimentation the folks at the University of Toronto’s Electronic Music Studio […]

Dogs of War – S/T

Dogs of War bring the Quebecois electro-disco on the space-tip. With songs like ‘Spaciula’, ‘Future Jungle’, ‘Intergalactic Tactic’, ‘Love Pirate’ (?), and ‘Space Conqueror’ it’s a wonder I’m not beating arcade games and getting recruited by aliens to fight space battles everytime I listen to this. Not only are the song titles spacey, but so […]

Tim Heintz: Plays the Yamaha Electone E-70

One of those records that keyboard companies used to fund to show off their new gear – in this case the Yamaha “Electone E-70”. This one is actually quite a fun listen if, like me, your idea of a good time is video-game-core versions of pop songs of the late 70’s. There is a pretty […]

Cecil Leuter – Les Sons Electroniques

Consider the contents of this record the “left-overs” of the Pop Electronique session that Leuter is so famous for. There’s very little song structure to any of the tracks on here, it’s mainly just wild analog keys and effects throughout the entire thing. Audio coming soon.

Sam Spence – The Art of the Synthesizer

Volume 1 of a 2 part series here. Sam Spence was the dude known for his musical contributions to NFL Films highlights in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Going by the cover art, it seems Spence is playing a Moog 55 Synthesizer on here, and in the process of doing so he actually creates some […]

Morgan Fisher – Miniatures

In 1980, Mott The Hoople Keyboardist and Londoner Morgan Fisher solicited musical contributions from 50 musicians that he admired…

Hellers – Singers…Talkers…Players…Swingers… & Doers

Apparently this dude Heller owned an ad agency and did jingles and stuff, and some of the more tepid tracks on here have a corny sort of jingle feel to them. But, the hot tracks fall somewhere between Dick Hyman’s Moog experiments & “soft psych” like Free Design. It took me a couple of times […]

Heldon IV – Agneta Nilsson

Heldon is mainly Richard Pinhas, who some would say is the Robert Fripp of France. Nice spacy stuff, tons of moogs and electronics. This would appeal to fans of Fripp and Eno and Cluster and whatnot. Goes for cheap on ebay too due to it’s obscurity which is always nice.

Nino Nardini – Musique Pour Le Futur

Nino Nardini (great name isn’t it?) recorded “Musique Pour Le Futur” for the Crea Sound library imprint in 1970. This record is not at all like this composer’s better known funky exotica outings. Instead of sleazing it up, Nino is bleeping away in the Forbidden Planet / egghead labcoat electronics idiom here. When he gets […]

Lokomotiv Konkret

Mind numbing Sweedish free jazz with electronic accompainiment. That’s Claes Sweger’s business card taped to the cover. He must have given this record to the transvestite i purchased it from.

Emmett Frisbee – Sound Paintings

“Emmett Frisbee used to travel the country entering Hoagy Carmichael look-alike contests. He was never a winner, though once he was one of the ten finalists. Discouraged, penniless and having turned vegetarian, Emmett decided one Thanksgiving over his bowl of cold oatmeal to make music his career. Life took an immediate upward swing. Today, Emmett […]

Mobius & Plank – Rastakraut Pasta

Crazy electro-reggae, which sounds kinda scary, but everything is right about this lp. It’s hard to explain, but it really does sound like all of the goodness you could hope to expect from Cluster playing strange reggae and stuff. Such an awesome record! [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Cecil Leuter & Georges Teperino – TV Music 104

TV Music was a sub-division of Chappell in the late 1960s. To the best of my knowledge there are only four releases on this label (the other three I desperately need to hear). Cecil Leuter (otherwise known as Roger Roger) handles the “Electro Themes” on one side, while Georges Teperinos’ (Nino Nardini’s real name) “Electrosonics” […]