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Thundertones: Cloudburst

For some reason I keep putting off finishing and posting this review. I guess it might be that I’m sorta kinda bummed that I didn’t end up keeping this one – but, now that it has a loving new owner, I should probably let the […]

The Night Shift – Jazz Class with Art Stone

I don’t know if the dance instruction label Statler catered to strip joints, but that would explain a thing or two about this record. Music is far from jazz. It contains 17 raunchy instrumentals by the group The Night Shift and the “free” instructional flier […]

Los Juniors: La Perla

This record makes me happy. Los Juniors must have been Mexico’s answer to the British Invasion, but unlike so many other tired Beatles cash-ins on this era, this lp is vibrant and alive. And while they do swell versions of a couple Beatle songs (“I […]

Mission Singers: Everything’s Just Fine… Or Is It?

This is one on those albums where the concept behind it is just so good that I really, really want to love it. According to the brief notes on the back, the Mission Singers were a group of young, rockin’ priests from St. Louis who […]

The Singers – S/T

This little 10″ record by the all girl band The Singers is one of the most entertaining pieces of vinyl I own. Everything is right about it. One side has covers of tunes as Bang Bang. The other side has the Indonesian blend of pop […]

Pino Manci Sings Borriquito an Other International Hits

What can be said about Pino Manci? When entering his name on Google you get the reply “Did you mean: Pino Manic?” So all we know is the little information that is offered on the cover. Pino led a combo in the Safari Room at […]

The Lemon Dips – Who’s Gonna Buy

The best library LP i found for 1 euro, released on De wolfe in the end of the 60s, this one is not the instrumental library LP you can often find on KPM or De Wolfe. This one is a record by an unknown british […]

Philippe Nicaud – Erotico…Nicaud

With an artwork by the famous painter “Aslan”, this one is my french Holy Grail. The music is as good as the cover. Philippe Nicaud is a french comedian from the sixties who¬†acted in wack parisian plays. The music go from bossa to jerk or […]

The Opposite – Help Us Make It

Definitely my favorite local mustache rare. The mustache in review is really what makes the album. He has a voice that sounds like your drunk uncle’s terrible Napoleon Bonaparte impressions at family dinner. Personally, I think the album is great, but I am very forgiving […]

Los Mitos: S/T

Killer 60’s Spanish (not quite sure where these guys were from, my copy was pressed in El Salvador) garagey fuzz-pop stuff that I was hipped to by Ryan (of this site) a while back. There’s a few American pop covers including a cool version of […]

Los Locos Del Ritmo: Polvora

Another cool record on the Dimsa label. Their name translated into English is “The Crazy People of Rhythm”(?), and I ended up finding out that they were fairly popular in Mexico in the late 50’s/early 60’s – and are in fact regarded by some as […]