Chris Campbell – Meetings With Remarkable Alloys

This 1987 cassette / CD release appears at a glance to be some sort of world fusion atrocity, but the Gurdjieff reference in the title turns out to be a very good thing indeed. It’s a consistently intense album with far more melody and direction than most bowl recordings, which are always pretty to listen to but often sound a little arbitrary and aimless. Campbell comes off from the recording and the liner notes as a serious musician and musicologist — a rarity in this small subgenre. I would really like to reissue this but the artist appears to have disappeared, or at least have gone to Australia. If anyone knows how to get in touch with him, please let me know via Namaste.

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  • Man, this is just awesomely eerie.

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  • What a surprise being told of your review and comments many years later. I have since done two more. “Ring of Fire” and ” Bali Basudewa” the latter with some wonderful Balinese Musicians. All three on CD of course but with no distribution.I do have a particular take on metal sound. I had done some popular performances here in Australia with Gongs, Bells and my unusual array of ‘ singing bowls’. I would love to get back to some current version of metallic vibe expression sometime! I began all this in California almost 40 yrs. ago. As well as my therapy, I run “The Federal Treasury” in Federal N.S.W.. You can see some of my gallery/Collection there on Facebook…including metal percussion items I sell from what I have collected over the years. I am so delighted to read your review and comments. Perhaps a Website, You Tube are in order? I am so happy that your review and comments have been brought to my attention!

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