Christian Lee – ‘Magic Wand’ – White Wonder

Obscure 45rpm artifact on a one-off label – the artist remains mysterious, originally from Detroit, apparently he later relocated to the Southwest. An anthem of sorts, the rough-hewn yet melodic folk sound of ‘Magic Wand’ oddly foreshadows the sound of early 90s bedroom-four-trackers.



  • sounds like a gruffer voiced iron and wine outtake. it’s dope that its from yesteryear

  • Sounds like he’s been smoking a big bone !

  • Very interesting. Kyle Field of the west coast “freak folk” outfit Little Wings also has an album called Magic Wand. He too can be described as a more rustic, smokey iron and wine, his recordings are equally lo-fi, and they also have this same sing-along feel. Betcha a buck he’s got this record.

  • I was a sideman on an album Christian made in Detroit ’70. Does anyone know where he is? I’d like to get in touch.

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