CKUA Presents: The ACME Sausage Company

This is a private compilation put together for a community radio station (CKUA) in Edmonton, Alberta circa 1972 in a run of 1,000. The compilation was produced by then musical enthusiast Holgar Peterson. Holgar went on to form Stonyplain Records and become a local celebrity, his label still quite active. I was a little skeptical when I had heard about the record, as I thought it would be a simple showcase of local blues. Thankfully I was greatly mistaken.

The record is split in half, with one side being “acoustic” and the other “electric”. Both sides feature a different artist on every track, making it quite eclectic. The only two known artists to me were Humphrey and the Dumptrucks (delivering their usual fair on the acoustic side) and Robert Edwards (who was one third of Troyka) doing an interesting traditional East-Euro folk song with electric guitar and flute.

The electric side was a little two eclectic for my tastes, but did feature about two or three really nice soft-psych tracks. The real heat is on the acoustic side, with about 4 out of 6 songs delivering awesome folk music. Two in particular have seriously blown me away.

The album was recently re-released on Stonyplain Records, so you can pick yourself up a copy. For this reason, I will only post the two songs that have really blown me away, but do note that it is a worthy album of picking up if you find it.

listen: Joe Hall and The Eyeball Wine Company – Moveable Feast
listen: Brent Titcomb – It’s an Illusion


  • Brent Titcomb was in “3’s a Crowd” previously and went on to record at least four lps under his own name. His self-titled 1977 lp on Manohar is excellent moody folkrock ssw.

  • humano, do you think you could post some sound clips on the message board? I went to Titcomb’s website and the clips he had available did not impress me.

    His song on this comp is seriously blowing my mind. I’d like to hear more.

    – Aaron Levin / Canonical

  • I’m looking for a copy of this record or at least an MP3 of one of the songs. My dad wrote and played “Uncle Clarence’s Piano” and i’m getting married in 2 weeks and have already printed in our program that the song will be played assuming I had the record… which i’ve now realized I don’t. any way someone could help me out? thanks a million!

  • sooooo….2006,2010, my how time flies…
    so i, post and see if any body gets it…
    humano,canonical, check out soulseek, for more titcombs…i believe it’s a son, Liam, putting out tunes now too, and Steve Carson, from soulseek, i just found this acme compilation, so i have yer daddy’s song….any body can always try me for music, i love the stuff and have a lot, like i’m pretty sure i have some Liam Titcomb, he’s not coming up much on the seek tonite, hugogino at hot dot com, tc

  • Surfing the Internet I came across your listing. I have had this Album for a Number of Years because I collect only Canadian Band Albums since 1966. Anything else you can tel me about it would be appreciated because for each of My albums I have researched all the Bands with help from the Internet, Band Members I contact on Facebook and from Friends who know many of the Band Members and I print Everything an add everything I print inside all the Albums.

  • Won a copy from CKUA in ’72 and have followed around several of the artists since then. One of them showed up in Lee Harvey Osmond’s band at the CFMF.

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