Dave Pell Singers: Mah-Na-Mah-Na

I grew up in southern California. So, I have often been asked by unfortunate souls doomed to live in places like Wisconsin what it’s like – “Is it really sunny on Xmas day?” “Do bikini-clad girls really frolic 365 days a year?” “Does everyone dress like Don Johnson circa Miami Vice?” In way of answer to all of these questions I recommend hearing the version of “Oh Calcutta” on here. Which, aside from being about the best version that exists, is possibly the most perfect way to voyeuristically experience the land of perpetual sunshine and youth that I come from. Of course it’s not all beach-blanket-bingo – I mean, there was the Richard M. Nixon Library and Birthplace a short 20 minute drive south – but, fill those 20 minutes with the Dave Pell Singers and you’d have something equivalent to a blond girl named Barbie, playing with a Barbie Doll, who is playing with it’s own miniature Barbie Doll.


  • I’m somewhat offended by the negative Wisconsin comment.

  • Sorry – I hear it’s quite lovely.

  • Got this litttle gem from the “sound gallery” comp on EMI a few years back.

    is the rest of the LP of equal measure???

  • that model looks like she has a slight snarl like she was just asked to eat something very disgusting.

  • yeah, I always thought the girl was kinda scary too. The rest of the lp is pretty similar to the comped track. There’s a very cool version of “Crystal Blue Persuasion”.

  • Jeez…I remember playing this album in the late 60’s on a little potboiler FM in the San Fernando Valley…Great harmonies…One song stands out…”Thank God The War Is Over”…It was so tear jerking because the Vietnam conflict was boiling over then…It would work today for our botched middle east efforts…got to find the album somewhere…somewhere…If you can, listen and enjoy the cuts…ciao

  • This is possibly the best review you have ever pulled out of your twisted little head…not to say of course that you have a little head, i mean you moved from orange county to northern california, so right there is superb intelligence demonstrated, but then again, head size and intelligence is not really related, did you know einstein’s brain was smalled than the average person’s brain ?

  • Knew the version of Oh Calcutta from that Sound Gallery comp. and I always found that one to be an absolute heavy hitter.
    was really glad to finally find this record at a local dealers stall not too long ago. It was really cheap too.
    The whole record breathes sunshine, peace and happiness. Just the way we like it.

  • No offense taken; I’ve lived in Wisconsin all my life, except that I’m not dead yet. Dave Pell was an old big-band jazz cat who became an exec with Liberty and later Motown Records. My own take on this LP, both album and cover, is that it’s a sort of more hep Ray Conniff. Right on the hairy edge between 70’s “sunshine pop” and MOR/easy listening.

  • прогон хрумером

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