David Kessner/Rudy Helm: Music For Progressive Relaxation Vol.1

Decent new age lp from early 80’s Mill Valley, CA. It’s basically your usual mix of analog synths, flutes, and nature sounds, but it also gets just a tiny bit jazzy at times which is interesting. Some of it veers dangerously near to mystical smooth jazz territory, but much of it is quite cosmic and enjoyable. A highlight being the awesome mellow all synth jam that ends side B. There is also a Volume 2 which I have yet to hear.


  • Volume one is listenable, volume two veers into pure ez jazz pablum.

  • I like both of these. volume two has some good moments despite those bells. Anyone know of any more volumes??

  • can’t download what?

  • There were 2 versions of Vol.1. The version you describe is version 1. The second version is not the ‘synth jam’ you heard, but in its place is a solo piano. Piece. It was substituted because we got feedback suggesting that that synth jam was inappropriate to the genre.
    BTW, there are THREE vols to this series. Vol. 3 is called Gentle Harmony. It gained the most favorable feedback of the series.
    We also produced an artist named Joshua Rick. His vinyl masterpiece of solo piano works was called ‘Discovery’.

  • Oh! And I’d like to add that there were two other albums released by David Kessner and Rudy Helm that weren’t under the umbrella of the ‘Progressive Relaxation’ series. One of those titles was called SunRider, on vinyl and cassette (the best of all of our releases, I think). And the other title was a special Christmas music release (the only one of our titles that was cassette tape only; no vinyl).

  • Volume 3 is chill. Peace to Kessner/Helm.

  • I’ve noticed that there’s one version with 2 tracks on side 2 and one with 3 tracks. Can you tell me which version this is?

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