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Ellis And Lynch – Songs For Our Children

According to Ken Scott’s Archivist book, Ron Ellis and Michael Lynch recorded no less than six LPs of Xian melodic folk music with their families between 1974 and 1979, all released on their Seattle-based Ra-O or Raven Records labels.  “Songs For Our Children” is their fifth release (from 1977), and the title is pretty self-explanatory.  Most of the songs were written by Ron Ellis, including the beautifully sweet acoustic number Music All Around Me, which satisfies with it’s gentle guitar melody and bells.  Several of the songs feature vocal contributions from the Ellis & Lynch children (Matthew, Kristin, Erin and Dianne — that’s them on the cover), which provide a nice, woozy background to pieces like Circle of Love, Train Song and Counting My Sheep.  There’s something about the sweetly melodic songwriting coupled with the charming enthusiasm the kids bring to the process that makes this one a keeper for me.


  • Awesome. Thanks for the hookup.

  • I work at a daycare and the director so happened to buy a whole bunch of old tapes from the Thrift Store… Ever since I have heard this tape, it makes me want to cry.. I love it… Singing with the kids… BEAUTIFUL AND ADORABLE… I PLAY IT ALL THE TIME!!!

  • Thanks for the website…..If you need more info on Ellis and Lynch
    viinyl recordings contact me at my email address. We still have vinyls
    available for sale.
    Thanks again,
    Ron Ellis / Raven Music / Seattle, WA

  • I have this record from when my children were small. I would really like to use some of the songs in my religious ed. class but have nothing there to play it on. Has this been recorded on tape or CD?
    I’ve always loved this record for its gentleness.


  • Ellis & Lynch wrote great songs, and their live vocal sound was amazing. Their flute player, Mary Lowney, and their keyboard player, Allan Loucks, really added nice touches to the live performances.

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