Ellison Family: Roots Of My Soul

I know nothing about the Ellison Family, so, rather than write nothing, I’ll tell you how I came to posses this record.

(cue hypnotic music/enter flashback scene)…

A couple of months ago I took a trip to find records disguised as going back home to visit my family (it’s OK, they don’t read my website). So, while visiting my Mother I wandered to a nearby shopping mall with a record shop inside. This mall is too crappy to have a Sam Goody or whatever so thankfully they have a shop with actual vinyl. Stacked in front of the door on this day were 100’s of records that appeared to be the collection of a southern gospel DJ. Almost all from Memphis, mostly from the 80’s, and after a closer look, mostly crap. It was the kind of situation that gets your heart going only to have it sink under the weight of hundreds of digitally recorded church choir records from 1985… and no, there was none of that slap bass shit you kids are after these days. Anyhow, they had them 5 for a buck so I picked out about 2 dollars worth of the ones that looked semi-promising. This one was well worth the nickel…

The Ellison Family: “Stand Up And Testify”


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