Hansadutta Swami: Nothing To Lose But All To Gain

I was finding this record all over the place when I first moved to the bay area. I like it, but I once enthusiastically sent a copy to my friend Daniel and he told me he was unable to listen to it because the cover frightened him. I guess it’s not for everyone. Swami guy mumbles enlightened things and plays guitar backed by bass, drums, and violin or viola. The songs are long, rambling, and almost hypnotic in their repetition. While I would not want to be stuck on a desert island with this record, it all actually makes for a strangely compelling listening experience. As a Guru it seems Hansadutta has left a less enduring legacy. From the little I’ve read online about him it seems he might have killed a guy/and or set some buildings on fire. His name seems to be mired in scandal to this day – which you can read about here.


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