Holidays To Sing About

OK, I was just telling a friend that I was going to stop reviewing crappy records on the site… and I genuinely mean it… so help me god I do. Then I log in tonight and see all the dumb shit I have cued up. They’ve been sitting here for months – a small voice somewhere in my head telling me “this shit sucks, dude” – and I know that small voice is the part of me who likes good music. Shameful.

Anyhow, I had all the stuff hooked up on this one so I figured what the hell. It’s a holiday themed kid’s record on Ultrasound. You might know the Glaser’s from the more popular AEIOU record which also sucks. There is however a small part of me that gets sick jollies by playing the awful almost to the point of offensive Columbus Day themed disco track.


  • When Crink posts Disco I know it’s gonna be crap. Yup. :P

  • Yet there is something oddly appealing about it – like an educational Saturday Night Fever. This is much better than some of the other crap records posted!

  • So the big secret of history is that Columbus sailed to the New World on the Love Boat.

  • I was not implying that the world does not need to hear this.

  • I also own this record. Even if they’re crappy, i still love weird records.

  • Maybe one of the greatest disco tunes of all time,
    easily standing toe to toe with any mid 70’s BG’s selection. Every time I hear it I get emotional. Hcrink’s right-on!

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