Joe Goldmark: Pickin’ My Pleasures

Local Oakland, CA record that I busted out again while doing a mix recently. Cool souled out steel guitar instrumentals with a killer version of Alvin Cash’s “Twine Time”. If you’ve ever doubted the close ties between country music and funk, then this (among other things) should be required listening. Rumor has it that Joe is also one of the founders of Amoeba records here in California.


  • Yes, this is a great record. Just picked it up yesterday (along with the two other loball #2 and #3, haven’t listened though). How big was this guy in the bay area?

  • Joe was never super famous, but was a fixture who sat in with a lot of other bands in the clubs as well. He and his wife Kathy later helped found California’s largest indie record stores Amoeba Music ( Berkeley, SF & now Hollywood )

  • Reading that he started Amoeba now explains why there are free copies of this LP in the dollar section in SF. I always wondered what the deal was with that.

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