Lee Gagnon – Jeremie

Jeremie was a Quebecois ballet scored by Lee Gagnon. It is a known and sought-after jazz-funk album with plenty of wha-wha and breaks (nobody ever seems to mention the nice mellow folk parts on the album though). However, I’m not here to talk about this record (even though it is, in itself, kind of interesting). If you note the picture I have posted there is a large, white rectangular block obstructing the album. That just happens to be a note from the dancer on the cover.

I had no idea when I bought this record (at a community garage sale) that the note was inside. I showed my friend after buying it and when he checked the condition of the record the note fell out. It’s unfortunate that this was well after the garage sale so I couldn’t ask the seller about his relation to the dancer.

For some reason this note has made the album quite personal. It seems this album was a present for someone she knew. I kind of feel bad for her knowing that he eventually sold the record. I hope that she one day sees this and knows that the recorded ended up in the hands of someone who truly did appreciate the work of her company.

Here is a transcript of the note:

I hope you enjoy this record. First of all I hope you have a record player.
This is the music for a ballet we do in our company. You will note the picture of me on the cover and inside. The music I dance to is #3 on Face A and #2, #3, #5, #7 on Face B. #2 is my solo and pas de deux [edit: I couldn’t really read this and don’t speak French] with Jeremie.
So I hope you have many happy listening hours.


  • girls have kyoote penmanship, I heart.

  • Jeremie is such a top listen. All killer, no filler. Breaks all over the place, and yes those quiet reflective moments. Would be interesting to see how the ballet fits in there!

  • Incredible record

  • In ballet, a pas de deux (French, steps of two) is a duet in which ballet dancers perform the dance together. It usually consists of an entrĂ©e, adagio, two variations (one for each dancer), and a coda.

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