Lorq Damon – Journey To The Land Of Forgotten Dreams

An obscure concept LP of analog synthesizer pieces, apparently recorded in 1972 and released in 1974 by the mysterious Lorq Damon of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

According to the information on the insert, ‘the collection is about the dream world and astral projection’ and the listener is encouraged to lie in a darkened room and listen to the record between the hours of 10PM and 2AM while remembering that ‘Journey’ is a psychic experience and not a musical composition. The sounds will then ‘act as a key to open locked doors in the subconscious’ that will lead your mind to ‘react in a state of past life recall or new strange juxtapositions of thoughts and ideas’.

Well, I didn’t experience any great revelations, but I can definitely agree that ‘the Journey’ is not one of those sterile blip-bleep exercises in being ‘clever’ with synths. Side 1 starts with some simplistic Delia Derbyshire style synth melodies before quickly veering into creepy, eerie, ominous, and dare I say ‘dreamy’ mutating soundscapes. Side 2 continues on with more of the same, thickening the drone soup and concluding with the first track of the LP played backwards.

At various points i’m reminded of Elaine Radigue, Klaus Schulze, the Nino Nardini ‘Musique Pour La Futur’ library LP or the Forbidden Planet soundtrack. Overall, the atmosphere of this record is very reminiscent of Japanese noise/synth artist Aube. In fact, some of it is so odd and so unlike other 1970s synth experiments that I suspected this of being a ‘fake’, but I think not.

It is dedicated to ‘everyone who believes in the beyond’.


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