Michael Stearns: Ancient Leaves

A later 70’s California New Age record that has a much more spacey sound than most. Reminds me a whole lot of the first few Klaus Schulze solo lp’s. Two side-long cosmic drones consisting of layered electronics and hypnotic wordless voices. Stearns’ best record by far. He went on to make a several more in the 80’s that really don’t do it for me. Another cool thing is that it’s a pretty easy record to find – here in CA, at least.


  • Dude, Planetary Unfolding steps all over this record.

  • You think? I’ll have to give that another listen…

  • Thanks again Jeff for my copy, nice late night listening…

  • just got this recently from the 10k dig, haven’t listened to it yet lol

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  • Michael has done quite a few albums similar to “Ancient Leaves” – his relatively recent albums “Within – The Nine Dimensions” and “The Lost World” plus the mid-90’s “Sacred Site” album come to mind if you like “Ancient Leaves” :)

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