Musique Moderne

Here’s an unusual title that may interest ethnic beat and library music aficionados. “Musique Moderne” is a somewhat mysterious release which appears to have been produced by the Moroccan government. I’m guessing early 1980s from the look and sound of it. A possible agenda for it was to display the ability and versatility of the country’s “pop” music scene, similar to certain Communist regime projects. In any event, an adept band of arabic musicians move through 9 original compositions, although echoes of certain Western hits may present themselves. The opening track sounds like it might be at home at a Balearic Beat club, with its friendly, slightly drowsy early morning feel. There’s moves into reggae and latin/salsa styles, and obvious traces of the North African heritage. The combination of vastly different music traditions makes for an interesting and occasionally strange experience, even though it’s fairly professional and controlled throughout. Enjoy 2 minutes from the opening Hakmat


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