New York Saxophone Quartet – Sensitivity

Fans of The Free Design’s songwriting might enjoy these early (mid 60s) Chris Dedrick compositions for saxophone quartet. His uncle Rusty Dedrick has a few cuts on it as well. The rich harmonies and chords that later shaped the Free Design vocal arrangements are here fully formed yet more angular in nature. There’s no date on the cover or record but it seems to pre-date other sax quartets like Rova. It kind of reminds me of David Amram’s music for Pull My Daisy.


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  • didn’t know of this. thanks for sharing!

  • Wonderful recording! Do you have any details of this release? a label name, or the players? Thanks for sharing!

  • please repost with mp3!!!! this song is gorgeous

  • This is a GREAT album. I’ve had a burned copy (thanks to an old sax prof) for some time, having played The Modern Art Suite, Sensitivity and A Study In Contrasts many times. I’ve been looking for the actual album forever, but have never found it. At least I have a copy of the album art to go along with my burned CD.

    IIRC it should date from the mid-1960’s. Here’s a full track listing:

    The Modern Art Suite (Rusty Dedrick)
    I Impressionism
    II Purism
    III Mysticism
    IV Surrealism
    V Realism

    A Study In Contrasts (Sammy Nestico)
    I The Demure
    II The Delightful

    Sensitivity (Chris Dedrick)
    Part I
    Part II
    Part III

    Three Entertainments (Gordon Delamont)
    Part I
    Part II
    Part III

  • i really need a recording of the modern art suite. can you send me a link so i can buy the album?

  • I realize this post is 3 years old, but wanted to say wow, this is lovely! Thanks for posting! Chris never told me about this one, I wonder how many other lovely recordings like this he forgot to mention/ I forgot to ask about.

    Any chance you know where to find the rest of the album online for a listen? I would love to hear uncle Rusty’s suite.

  • Thanks for posting this. I saw these guys in NY or Philly in the late 60’s or early 70’s & have the album, but great to see this. Yes, I would imagine its pretty rare.

  • is ther a way to find the scores for the no.1 impressionism ;;

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