I couldn’t have made this one up if I’d tried.


  • Unbelievable. I’ve seen that sex-r-sice record, but praise-r-sice…
    Music is best left to our imagination?

  • i say track down bernadette and let’s get some after/after photos to see how praise-r-cise is treating her now. “Not only am i the founder, i’m a client”

  • I’ve seen another jawdropping xian aerobics lp titled “Firm Believer”…

  • “Firm Believer” I like it. Praise-r-cise is a bit of a stretch. What are the moves like? I imagine a bit like Uprocking but in slow motion and arms thrust upward instead of downward.

  • dude, I need pictures.

  • I think ‘Firm Believer’ was by that Joanne so-and-so, straw-blonde hair, big teeth, shiny 80s leotard etc. I don’t have it…;( obviously listening to ungodly music while doing aerobics is a sin tho.

  • gemm says ‘FB’ is by Judy Moser… seems like an awfully silly way to waste $6.49 though…

  • hmmm…. yeah, that’s a bit steep…

  • for this ‘gem’ a dollar might be steep… If I was you I’d hold out until you can find a copy for a quarter. [/twistedrazz]

  • i’ve got the “firm believer” record as well…i got rid of most of my exercise records, but i couldn’t part with that one.

  • Believe it or not Xtian aerobics was an entire baffling sub-genre much like Xtian ventriloquism.
    I have one work out record for kids called “Agape Land At Play” and one aimed pregnant Christian women entitled “Spevial believercise.” No shit.

  • i meant “Special”…yeeeesh…and it contains an instructional poster if that’s what yer into…
    Richard Simmons Reach album has some pretty killer enthusiastic synthy rock jams BTW and is easy to find for a buck, also comes with poster.

  • There’s also “Christ-oga” yoga videos, for real. Look it up.

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