Richard Powell – Memories Of GlenIvy

Here’s a great unrestrained real-people hotel-lounge/AOR banger that has probably remained unknown on account of its misleading cover (or I just have terrible taste, which I’m not going to rule out). Richard Powell pens side one himself and leaves side two for covers (Stevie Wonder, Feelings, Get Down Tonight, etc). Side One is the obvious winner with some epic AOR originals with rolling bass-lines and unbridled singing. Richard sings and plays the keyboard, guitar, and bass on the album. Mark Smothers plays drums. I believe this was released in 1976. I didn’t have time to record his cover of Get Down Tonight, but I assure you it’s grand.

Listen: Richard Powell – Where Has The Love Gone
Listen: Richard Powell – In The Morning


  • “In the morning” is becoming my theme of late. Very nice, thanks.

  • I’m feelin’ “In The Morning” bigtime. I’m gonna get my band to cover it. What do I have to do to get you to post the whole LP? Cash? Puppies? Let me know and keep up the INCREDIBLE work.

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