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Scottie Pete Gang – Rapper’s De Feet b/w Rapper’s De Feet

I don’t actually own this 45 but I wish I did. I borrowed it from my friend to post on here and for an up-coming radio show I’m doing. The Scottie Pete Gang consisted of some radio DJs at CKOC in Hamilton, Ontario. I have no idea if they are fans of rap or not, but they sure don’t sound like it. Picture a bunch of HNIC (Hockey Night In Canada) DJs rapping over the Rapper’s Delight beat and this is exactly what you get. Released in 1980 on Quality Records.

listen: Rapper’s De Feet


  • Waxidermy hip hop section is just so unfuckwittable.

  • Wow, I’ve heard a LOT of takeoffs on “rappers delight” (and there must be hundreds out there) but this has to be the worst. However, not the worst record I’ve ever heard on the quality label!!!

  • “WORST”?!?!?


    Plus, Quality has a lot of awesome 45s. Especially by bands from Edmonton.

  • I just found this record yesterday in halifax. i’m actually suprised that even tho it sounds pretty bad, that someone in canada put out a rap record so early in the game. (1980) …is this possibly the first canadian rap record ever released on a major label???

  • The Scottie Pete Gang revealed…

    Scott Harris spent fifteen years as a radio broadcaster. For ten of those years (1977-1987), he held down the 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. slot on Hamilton, Ontario’s Top 40 rock station CKOC. While there, Scott released three successful comedy albums… Rapper’s Delight, Beach Bum and Low Budget Breakdance.

    Comedy yes, early hip-hop no.

  • Diggin, I actually started a thread on soulstrut.com asking if that was the first “rap” record from Canada (because, yes, that is early). Fortunately it’s not, but there weren’t many rap releases in Canada prior to 1980. I guess there were some indies in Toronto making moves.

  • This was just two DJ’s at CKOC in my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario having a good time spoofing a current hit. They weren’t trying to prove anything…mind you they did a better job with their follow up single “Beach Bum” also a comedy hit, however it was not a spoof this time, it was an original Scottie Pete Gang record, also on the Quality label. If there is anybody out there with either of these masterpieces, I would love to get a hold of them. Thanx!

  • I don’t know if anyone will see this or not, but if you want to know why we recorded “Rappers De Feet” here it is. The Sugar Hill Gang was sued by the band “Chic” for sampling one of their songs for Rappers Delight (I think it was we are family). Pete and I thought It would be funny to steal the same music track, make a parody version of the song and see if we could get Chic to sue us (we had nothing to lose at the time). When they found out we were giving the money from the record to charity they actually endorsed the record and if you look at the disc it is actually published by Chic music inc. So we didn’t get sued but we did manage to put $10,000 into “participation house” a local Hamilton charity. I have lost touch with Pete over the years, but google Scott Harris comedian if you want to know what happened to me. Oh yeah and thanks for posting this, I haven’t seen a copy of that 45 for many years.
    Scott Harris

  • Is that HOLLYWOOD HARRIS!!!!

    My what ghosts you stumble across when you Google names from the past!! You’d better remember me :)

    I think my autographed copies of those 45s are still in my parents’ attic somewhere. ha ha ha…good times!

    Too bad you lost track of Pete. I’d love to know how he’s doing.

    Be well!


  • Well, Lucy. I used to work at East End Tire in Hamilton, ON and this guy game is as a representative for President Tire wanting to drop off some price guides, and I was thinking to myself, “Man does this guy evr look familiar.” So we got to talking about tires and stuff, then he gave me his card and I saw that his name was Pete Daly. It was his first day at this particular job, and he was wondering if he was going to run into anybody that might remember him…although it was doubtful…or so he thought. You could imagine his surprise when not only did I recognize him, I had been a fan of the Scottie-Pete Gang for a while. Well believe it or not, before he left we had chatted up a storm which included singing one verse of the Scottie-Pete original tune “Beach Bum” (which can be searched on youtube) It was great to see him after all those years…we had met once before when the CKOC All-Stars Baseball Team played against my sisters team.

  • p.s. If anybody is looking for a copy of “Beach Bum” lemme know.

  • the link is broken, any chance of putting up again?

  • Found it! Here you go peeps.


    Haven’t heard this for nearly 30 years since I was growing up in Brantford. Good times indeed! Enjoy!

  • Stumbled back on here all these years later to finally see your response, Rusty. It doesn’t sound like you still see Pete, but if you do, tell him I was asking after him. And that I remember him fondly.

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