Starlight Children’s Chorus: E.T., I Love You & Other Extra-Terrestrial Songs For Children

With all the spin-off merchandise that comes with the success of a major motion picture, there’s bound to be some schlocky knockoff, and this is one of the weirdest ones I’ve ever seen. The title song, “E.T., I Love You“, one of two listenable and entertaining tracks on this record, was actually written by Buckner & Garcia (of “Pac-Man Fever” fame). After contacting Mr. Garcia to track down their version, I found out they had no knowledge of the existence of this record, or the cover of their song, cementing it as a serious grey-area copycat.

The other stand out track is an upbeat dancey number called “So Near And Yet So Far“, with a surprisingly catchy chorus that could easily find a place on my next mix tape. The remainder of the songs are completely forgettable and totally not worth your time, unless perhaps, you’re 10 years old and in love with an alien.

I don’t believe for a second that there are any real-life children involved in the Starlight Children’s Chorus. The vocals all sound like they’re sung by a female trying to sound like a young boy, and some of the vocalizations are suspiciously mature sounding to have been sung by a kid. Many of the lyrics have an almost creepy/obsessed/romantic tone to them, like a desperate, psychotic ex- wishing to be alone on a deserted island with you, forever. The album as a whole has the vibe of something done with it’s heart in the right place, but with execution wide of the mark. I don’t think I can ever watch E.T. again without feeling kind of creeped out on some level because of this record. Bad touch.


  • I have an atari ‘asteroids’ lp on the same label, its a spoken word lp with a few songs, its good but purely for sentimental reasons. Has any one else got any computer game related lp’s on this label? I think they did a few.

  • That is some crazy cash-in action there! Facemelt indeed.

  • Speaking of ETploitation, have you heard the electro-dance number ‘E.T. (Every Time)’ by The Little Dabs? I wonder how many more ET songs there were… probably lots!

  • i have a version of this on a hoctor dance record. its pretty cool…

  • E.T. boogie by the extra T’s of course

  • [code][/code]
    here is the link to another e.t. inspired gem. this is an 8 minute track that begins with some surprisingly decent jazz-fusion, spaced-out keyboards included. after a 2 minute intergalactic freak-out, the disco funk kicks in, e.t. speaks up, and then children from various countries around the world respond. a truly bizarre track… if anyone knows the origin

  • oh my god mandru. that is unreal. sometimes i have a hard time comprehending the fact that people actually make this stuff. like, who thinks like that? who thinks this is a good idea?

    E.T., welcome to Jamaica!

  • WTF!! I love it!

    thanks mandru

  • glad you guys enjoyed. its definitely one of the most enjoyable/strange songs i’ve heard. how creepy is et’s initial greeting?
    like i was trying to say in my post (before i cut myself off) if anyone knows info about the song, please post!

  • alan, by the way, i’ve been boogying to ‘so year & yet so far’ all week

  • any idea where I can listen to the “E.T. I love you” song. It could be the one I’ve been searching for.

  • Too much time spent on this

  • Hello Mandru. Could you send me the song you had from E.T. Im trying to find it on itnernet and I saw your link is expired. Is it possible that you send it to me? Thanks a lot. I love that song!


  • Pablo, were you at Hollywood Forever recently? I’m trying to find that song, too, after hearing it at a screening of Jaws on July 4th. If you find it please let me know – I’ll do the same.


  • I DJed that song — email me for infos


    had this as a kid. had every song memorized. had not heard it in over twenty years, but i could always remeber the lyrics to “where did you come from”. Did not realize how odd it was at the time. Link above you can listen to songs.

  • Looking for that song mandru posted. Can we get a reup? Been looking for years after downloading it off some random ss thread, I’m sure. Lost in hard drive changes.

  • I love the nasal voice and the toilet flush (“some bubbles came out”) sound effect is priceless.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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