Swinging Stars – Party Time

After a fire destroyed their popular club The Green Grotto along with all their equipment, the Swinging Stars from Dominica quickly came back on top again. It’s hard to imagine they had ever been better than on this record from 1978 because it’s really superb Cadenze in a jam mode, with excellent guitar and keyboard solo’s. The tracks are devided between hard grooving instrumentals and equally pulsating songs, sung by band leader and sax player Norman Letang.

Pas Ni Travail shows the band’s social concerns with a call for work and education, sung in beautiful creole French. The track La Mal Parle makes one wonder what records The Police used to listen to. Street Lamp is a strong dance tune with spacey moog undercurrent by arranger/keyboard player Julie Martin.



  • je suis un fan de cadence lypso de la Dominique
    Je collection des disque de la Dominique
    Je ne connaissais pas cet album qui me semble super
    je posséde l’albums: GROTTO BRULE qui est sortie aprés je pense ,avec le debut de Levi LOBLACK qui est super aussi avec de la cadence lypso
    Si vous pouvez m’aidez à faire ma collection
    je serais content et peut etre que je vous aiderais aussi
    Amicalement Patrick

  • daaaaaaaaaamn.. got this in the stacks somewhere!!


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