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Tangerine – De l’autre cote de la foret…

Tangerine’s first album from 1972 is the full package. From the beautiful cover art to the long-haired pose on the back, you know you are getting something great. And they deliver. One of the few albums that I can say stood up to its cover. Well instrumented psychedelic folk with the tiniest hints of their progressive moves they would employ in their second album, Memorie (which to me was forgettable). Their sparing usage of the flute really takes this album to the next level for me. Most of the songs are sung in French with the exception of three with English lyrics. Valery Btesh, female lead of the French outfit, has a beautiful voice and when accompanied by the men she is complimented rather than shadowed. No duds on this record and if you’re luckily Canadian, keep an eye out for the Gamma pressing. Google translator says the title means “Other dimension of the drill.”

LISTEN: Tangerine Clips

tangerine - back


  • very nice! quebecois stuff doesn’t show up here much in tejas…my appetite has been whetted. i love it when men compliment female leads. shadowing them is uncool and creepy. merci!

  • dude, i just realized that track 2 of your samples is a AMERICA cover! SANDMAN – you know…”and we ain’t had time to drink this beer…”

  • Sacré bleu!

  • The title means “The other side of the forest”. Even in Canada, this is some hard shit to track down…believe me.

  • Il est un groupe que j’ai écouté il y a tr,es long temps, et depuis là , j”avais très envie de le recouter, moi, je suis mexicaine, et j’ai eu des difficultés à le trouver. moi je pense cet un groupe fantastique, j’adore

  • c’est un groupe que mon pere m’as fait ecouté tout petit et j’ai reussi avec grand mal a l’acheter sur internet bien que la qualité ne soit pas a la hauteur du vinyle! album tres accoustique que j’ai toujours grand plaisir a ecouter

  • this record does seem to pop up quite a bit on ebay.fr

  • is this group french or french canadian ?

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