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Teddy & George – The Condor

Teddy Brown & George Hamilton were two refugees from Detroit who trekked to San Francisco in the early 60s. They started singing together in clubs in 1961 & recorded this live album on the Mammoth label in 1963. The show was recorded at the Condor, a nightclub that sat on the corner of Broadway & Columbus in San Francisco’s North Beach area. Backing is provided by the Jokers Three on guitar, bass & drums. This album basically tears it up in an early 60s R&B/Rock & Roll/proto-Soul kind of way. Ending each side are stellar six minute “party cut” versions of “Shout” & “I’ve Got A Woman” but all the other cuts are frentic top notch covers. Included amongst them are versions of “Bye Bye Love”, “Yakity Yak”, “Surfin Bo Diddley” & “Latin Lupe Lu”. Pretty cool throughout, two raw vocalists & a cooking band. Check out “Justine”, the shortest & hence most dial-up friendly track.

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  • mood mosaic night

    I really enjoyed this track!

  • Does anyone know where I could find or buy the George and Teddy at the Condor album? When I attended San Jose State University many years ago, it was the hottest party album on campus.

  • To Robert Young who posted on 11May, 2007. I have that album.

  • Tracy (T ) is for Teddy

    I’m Teddy’s 1st Child He called me ‘Baby One” and i think i might have his albums and vintage footage’s trying to gather everything together before i display them. If you like to know my dad passed away 2 years ago. And it make me feel happy to know that there are people out there who still remember him. E-mail me soon. Aloha Tracy

  • James Hautala

    I played keyboard with George and Teddy in 1967-68 at the Condor, and LA and Las Vegas. Didn’t know the album existed. Would like to get a copy.

  • As a teenager I babysat for a family in Mill Valley. The father was Joe Chandler (Joe Garcia) who sold used sports in MV. We went to Hunters Point to visit either George or Teddy in retlation to the car business. I can’t remember which one. I heard G&T sing in S.F. with Joe but hadn’t thought about it for years. Is it possible to get the album?

  • How do I contact Carleen Felix?

    This was my first record my parents gave me when I got my first record player.

    I really need this . . .

    It’s a great album . . .

    I’m just a hog for you baby . . . fav track but there’s so many good ones.

  • WOW . . . I didn’t read this whole thread before posting my question.

    Tracy and James . . . wow . . .

    Now that I think about it . . . this is probably my favorite album of all time.

    Fun, Funky, First(my) . . .

    I’ve tried all the local vinyl shops looking for this disc but no dice.

    It would be fun to get it pressed again . . .



  • david sartuche jr

    my father was the bass player with the condors in the 60′s and i wish i had a cd of them. send me a e-mail sartuched@yahoo.com P.S david sartuche pass away in 1987.

  • Great to hear from all the people who have personal connections to this cool record. If you want to buy George & Teddy LPs or 45s they are often for sale on ebay.

  • David sartuche jr

    hey! eveyone iknow were you can get a bunch of stuff of g&t & the condors just e-mail me @ sartuched@yahoo.com. also i would like to talk to any famly member of the band! please e-mail me and i will give you my phone number so we can talk & i can tell you were you can get some cool stuff of the band,ie,bit parts in a movie,L.P’s and more! keep on rocking!!

  • Sherry Shaffer

    Loved Teddy and George. But it really should be George and Teddy. Trying to find a past very good friend, Carleen Felix. We partied together (back in the day)in San Francisco and you were my bridesmaid. Would love to hear from you. I’m in PA now!

    Sherry Shaffer Halverson

  • Dennis Marcellino

    I have a copy of “George & Teddy and the Condors” at Ciro Le Disc. I was inspired by that album to play sax because of the great sax player on the album Jerry Martini. Jerry went on to start Sly & The Family Stone with Sly, and I ended up becoming best friends with Jerry and joined Sly & The Family Stone. Also, Jerry and I started Rubicon. This isn’t the album of the photo above, but it’s a great album if you like George & Teddy. I made a CD out of it for Jerry about a year ago.

  • I recently watched a video on youtube
    The man on the bass is my dad, David!, and the one on the guitar is my uncle Tom. What a real trip to see them in action. is it possible for you to email me a copy to: lsartuche@yahoo.com

    I would really appreciate having this for my memories, thanks lisa

    thanks david jr.

  • David sartuche jr

    I am so sad to say that we have lost a condor, guitar player Tom carter, 05-29-07….

  • George Hamilton

    This is George Hamilton from George n Teddy and the Condors. Thank you all for the all the AMAZING kind words. I have a copy of every album we have ever done. You can reach me at Powerhouseone@hotmail.com and I will do my best to get everyone a copy of the albums. I would also like to catch up with everyone who came out to enjoy our music and shows. Warm Regards,
    George Hamilton

  • George Hamilton

    Lisa and David Jr…I would LOVE to know how to reach your Dad David Sartuche. Please reach me at powerhouseone@hotmail.com. We also lost Teddy Brown in 2005. Would love to catch up with your Dad if I can.

    George Hamilton

  • Wow, George Hamilton, great to see you found this review. Thanks for the great music.

  • For George. I am an “old” fan from pre Condor days. Afro Cuban Days a the coffee gig. Glad to know you are still kicking it so to speak.

    LOL Penny

  • I just saw George & Teddy in the Warner Brothers film, “2 on a guillotine”.

    Any way that song can get on iTunes??

  • my name is big tony I started TONY AND THE JOKERS tom carter dave sartose al lewis tony boyadias ron tarzia dennis dennison and jerry martini I book this band the first on broadway st to play rock and roll it was all jazz after 3 years we broke up and some of us went to the condor big als we had a hit record in san francisco called what will the outcome be if anybody has a copy please let me know thanks big tony

  • big tony here again this all happen 1957 to 1961 also its david sartuche oh george and teddy whats up remember those parties big tony

  • For George,—— I’m an old friend from back when you used to play at the Embers, in RWC. Sorry to hear about Teddy. Just bought one of your albums off Ebay,—— oh the memories. Tryed that email address, no longer valid——–to bad.

  • Teddy had several, at least 4 that I know of including my nephew, Illegitimate children. So far all boys. One was born in Sacramento within a week of one born in San Fransisco. I just would like to see what they look like and know how they are. I feel related in a far off way. If you know one of these children or are one please contact me at foldup.1956@gmail.com

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