The Bayan Mongol Variety Group – S/T

From what i’ve read, the BAYAN MONGOL VARIETY GROUP were one of the very first bands in Mongolia doing modern westernized music, all this in the late 60s judging by what this lp sounds like. This record was released in 1981 — bet they did some top class music back then. Found this at a flea market at around 5 am as i was walking along with a pile of records under my arms, people setting up all around me, this bod walks up to me and says “hey mister come over here i got some records, really good ones”..

So i go over and it turns out he’s only got 2. First being the Steve Reich “drumming” box then this weird one, well i couldn’t resist, and I’m very happy i didn’t. The track below is the only instrumental on the lp the rest is very similar music but with vocals by what sounds like France Gall singing in Mongolian.

Listen: Bayan Mongol


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