The Pleasures Of Love

Listening to this record reminds me that my sense of humor has not matured much in the last 17 years.

Lose something down there fella?


  • I like this.

    is that a microphone? :P

  • My <snicker> comment didn’t show up

  • How could I miss this one? This is brilliant. In fact, I love it. Kind of instructional too.

  • haha! yeah, I was surprised this didn’t get more reactions when I posted it. I’m thinking these records probably were made as “instructional aides” of a sort. They must have been distributed through shops that sold “toys”, and whatnot, I’m guessing…

  • is that a flash light?

    “understand the feel of it there”

  • My iTunes shuffle command clearly has a sense of humour. Out of over 4,500 tunes it chose to follow this delight with northern soul classic ‘She Blew A Good Thing’ by The Poets.
    ‘How fine and right. Beautiful and good’

  • I have this record (in storage). How wonderful to find it again! I don’t wish to seem ungrateful, but how about more!

    Near the end, when he is droning: “Enjoy.Me.” We gotta have it. all. Is it not so?

  • Damn. Another absolutely brilliant find. I always learn something new when I visit Waxidermy but now, thanks to this record, I can apply what i’ve learned here in bed! Thanks, Brother!

  • مرحبا

  • It hurts to laugh this much.

  • good

  • “Beautiful and good” ha ha. Damn, i been doing it completely wrong all these years!

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