The Sons of Truth – A Message From The Ghetto

Here’s one of my favorite gospel records. This came out in 1972 on The Gospel Truth label, which was a subsidiary of Stax. Every track on here is very soulful, definitely keep an eye out for this one.

The Sons Of Truth: “Give It Up”


  • Great LP!

    “son of the deacon” gets much play at the crib and on the radio.
    Maybe my favorite gospel LP I own.

    Good Ish

  • It warms my heart to know that The Sons of Truth are still being listening to. God has a way of not letting a good thing die. Im a original member of The Sons of Truth. my name is Gary Grier now a member of Contours/ with Joe Billingslea

  • It is amazing that people still remember this album. I acquired it when it first came out in the 70’s. I played it on the radio here in New York City from time to time. Just tonight (9/18/11) I pulled it out and prepared it for airplay again. The song that I always played off this album is “Call On Him.” I was wondering where were the Sons Of Truth and came acorss this website tonight. Gary, let me know what you guys did after this album. God bless. -The Master’s DJ, Pastor Lawrence Casper Staton, WSNR 620AM,

  • Been listening a lot to this for years, the track “Close to him” have been played a lot. Hope to get it on vinyl some day. Peace from Sweden.

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