‘Thesda – Sourced Out

B: Where’d you get this copy?

N: thanks nate! please paypal $600 to ebay@cocaineblurnts.com. make sure to note what you ordered and your mailing address.

B: I wasn’t asking if I could buy it, I was just curious where you got your copy?

N: That’s an odd question but ok.

B: Are you going to answer it?

N: i think i got it from you

B: What? Are you fucking around?

N: didn’t you have some?

B: So who did you get your copy from? I don’t think you got one from me?

N: Ohhh! I misunderstood. I got it from this guy in vermont.

B: Who? Can you tell me? This is Nate.

N: what’s it to you?

B: I asked a simple question. Can you just give me an answer or no?

N: iirc his name was nathan.

B: This is Nathan you’re talking to though and I don’t think you got a copy from me……. Can you give me an answer? C’mon dude.

N: I think his last name started with a B. Do you know him?

B: Funny. So I’m assuming you’re not going to tell me then? Whatevers.

N: seriously if you need some i got a bunch for cheap.


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