Tom Leibel – Living Dreams

Living Dreams is a trance-enducing private new-age album by pianist Tom Leibel from Calgary, Alberta circa 1984. The back of the album states, “all music on this album was spontaneously composed and performed by Tom Leibel. We hope this album inspires you to live your dreams in the same way Tom lives his.”

The album simply consists of Tom on piano with some minimal synth in the background, which makes this a very relaxing album. I play this sometimes when I need to take a nap or just want to rest my head and it always feels therapeutic. Perhaps when I listen Tom’s spontaneous rhythms enter my mind and tweak the very fabric of my mood or maybe I have finally grasped the reason why new-age records exist. Either way, file this under private stress-relief.



  • Hi
    I,m the composer of This Album ‘Living Dreams” I am much older now, however, I would liek to know how long you have had this Album, as I tried through much personal ecpense to get a message out to the world back in 1983. Please contact me. I would love to chat with you.
    Tom Leibel
    Living Dreams
    I have proof that I am this person.

  • Tom, come join us at the forum, we’d love to hear form you.

  • Hi Tom!!

    I only recently acquired your album. I live in Edmonton and I believe the copy I have came from either Edmonton or Saskatoon or even Vancouver.

    Are you still making music? Why not come join us on the board. I will be sending your album to a friend, so your message will soon move across the boarder!

    Cheers :)

    – Aaron Levin

  • Hi Tom: Just going through old business cards and came across your old counselling services card from Saskatoon..You were in the process of distributing your music and i had not aquired one..Is it still available?? Stay well..MArk

  • Mark,

    If Tom does not have any copies left, I know someone who does. You can email me at:

    vilevin [at] gmail [dot] com

    – Aaron Levin

  • Tom, I have been looking for you for years. Please get in touch with me.


  • Hello again,
    I really would like to have you get in touch with me. I have composed this album and I have the rights to it. I am a member of SOCAN, so really, any sales or potential sales that have been generated need to come back to me. Anyone who has tried to get in touch with me can reach me at I would love to hear from you directly, especially Mark from Saskatoon and Aaron Levin in Edmonton.
    To whom it may concern, Can’t you at least give me the respect of retuning my e-masils instead of keeping closed mouthed about this website. after all, THIS IS ABOUT TOM LEIBEL AND HIS MUSIC AND NOT YOU.
    Tom Leibel

  • You can have 10% of sales and 90% of potential sales. How’s that?

  • Tom, this site is strictly about reviews. I’m not selling these records or responsible for anyone who is. I would think you’d be happy that people are being exposed to your music via the site, but if not I’ll happily take the review down. Just let me know. -Jeff

  • Tom is a fraud.


    And an asshole.

  • Best thread ever.

  • i just picked this album up at a Goodwill Thrift Store here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    I googled his name and I found this thread. After seeing what a prick this dude is I’m going to sell it just to piss him off. :) And he won’t get a penny. :)

  • Found this album yesterday on cassette at the Reuse Centre in Edmonton. It looks much more professionally packaged than the LP version.

  • I can vouch for IknowTom and his comment that he is an asshole. I also knew Tom when I was a kid. He was my Foster Father. He is not a very kind person. He got my brother to lie in court that my biological brother was burned with a cigarette on his hand. I remember him coaching my brother to lie in Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. He tried to adopt my brother my sister and myself, and took us from Albert to Saskatchewan. He was a mean bastard with a belt! Don’t listen to his music.

  • Correction to the above: He got my brother to lie in court that my biological Father had burned him with a cigarette near his school when he was in Grade 1. (At St. Boniface Catholic School in Edmonton, AB)
    Also he and his then wife took us from Alberta to Saskatchewan to Salvador, Saskatchewan even though this was illegal for them to do so.

  • Tom,

    The world does not revolve around you nor your so-called dreams. I was lauging inside when we moved you told me and Lance that we were being sent back to Alberta, though on the outside I cried. Those were tears of joy!

    Trevor Taylor

  • i found this record at a junk shop and wondered what it was about and found my way here.
    was not prepared for the aggressiveness coming from weird old new age guy. :(

  • Tom, if you’re out there still reading this, I’m curious about where the album was recorded. Were you in Alberta or Saskatchewan at the time?

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