VA: Wilderness America

Local NorCal save the wilderness benefit comp that ranges from symphonic overtures, and new age, to sensitive singer/songwriter wannabe James Taylor shit. I honestly don’t even know why I picked this up originally based on it’s looks… oh yeah, I think Iasos the “Finger Listener” dude is on it. Anyhow, the real standout track has full on Marin County slip-on loafers harbor cruising Marvin Gaye tackling the issues moves. Who says saving the environment can’t be funky?

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  • Nice one! On “Metropolis”, I think the LP has Lee Ritenour’s name purposely misspelled for some reason. It says that the guy singing is Walter Hawkins. I like “Flight Of The Egret” as well. There’s also a picture of some bald guy stroking his beard on the back. Do business with Bank Of America, everybody!

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