Visitors From Outer Space – What Saith The Lord?

On October 9, 1973 the entirely heterosexual fishing expedition of Charles Hickson & Calvin Parker was unexpectedly interrupted by a flying egg shaped craft. Three used condom looking creatures forced hickson on to their ship, examined his body, and then returned him to the wharf, unharmed. “If this is true we should throw away the bible completely!” you might say. Well Rev. Bill Riddick begs to differ.

In this sermon, delivered in a full on Jeff Foxworthian drawl, he asks the hard question “What would Jesus Do If He Were Kidnapped and Probed by Aliens?” (which in turn sparked a WWJDIHWKAPBA? bumper sticker and keychain craze which you may remember). Rev. Riddick went through extensive research for this sermon, including a visit to the landing spot and meeting with “UFO Researcher” Steven Putnam. He also read the bible. A lot.

Riddick compares the sighting to a bunch of biblical miracles, but I stopped listening after he got to Revelations 9:2. I’m pretty sure the gist of his argument is that Moses would totally let aliens probe him psychically with a pulsating blue light and/or floating eye.


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